Moderate Party of Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Ken Block unveils first campaign TV commercial

Starting Tuesday, June 1st, the Ken Block for Governor campaign will be up on television with our first commercial. As someone who has been supportive of the ideas of Moderate Party and Ken Block, we’re giving you the opportunity to view the commercial before everyone else.

We know that Rhode Island’s problems are largely self inflicted – and therefore solvable! We keep electing the same old professional politicians who protect themselves and leave us behind. When three members of the North Providence City Council were arrested for extortion, no one in Rhode Island was surprised. Heck! We almost expect that kind of thing.

It’s time for Rhode Island to EXPECT MORE!

If Rhode Island is going to be a different place – as so many of us want and need it to be – we need to elect a different kind of leader.

I have a plan to revitalize Rhode Island, one that will transform this state into an innovative, successful, and thriving economic hub that provides opportunity and a better life for the people who live, work and raise a family here.

It is time for us to expect more from our elected leaders. It is not enough to stand outside the State House and yell through the closed windows. We need to march electable, dedicated and effective individuals through the doors of the State House and place them in elected positions to bring badly needed change to our state!

Click here

to view my first television ad. This ad is the first of 4 commercials in a series. We will be airing this ad (and possibly ad #2) over the next month.


My campaign is definitely gaining momentum, and these commercials will really help to raise my profile even further.

Expect more. Help us clean up and fix Rhode Island.

This is where the first big push begins. Help us make sure everyone in Rhode Island sees this commercial. DONATE TODAY!

Link to commercial:

Donation link:

Economic plan link:

Thank you for your support! I’ll be seeing you out on the campaign trail!

Ken Block

Moderate Party Candidate for Governor

5 thoughts on “Moderate Party of Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Ken Block unveils first campaign TV commercial

  1. Zero Party Revolution

    Zero Party Revolution is endorsing Chafee for this race, because he was smart enough to abandon the evil system of political parties. the Moderate Party needs to disband and have all of its members go independent, where they belong.

  2. Ken Block

    A lone politician, acting individually and running without anyone else on a ticket with similar political positioning, can not possibly bring the kind of change that RI so desperately needs.

    Anarchical organizations will likely lead to anarchical governance.

    The problem isn’t political parties per se…it is the dominance of the two major political parties and how they squelch (or at least try to squelch) new parties from forming or achieving success.

    Do you propose outlawing political parties? Good luck with that!

  3. Bob

    Lincoln Chafmee is nothing more than a cross-dressing Republicrat. It’s time to put new faces and names in RI politics. Let’s stop voting for the same politians, in the same party and expecting change; that is called insanity! It;s time to clean house in November and get rid of the elitists jackasses running RI and replace them with real leaders who really care about RI’s economy, freedom, security and future.

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