Press Release: NY gubernatorial candidate exposes corrupt backroom deals

Sent to by Free and Equal:

New York (May 6, 2010) – New York’s gubernatorial race is living up to the state’s reputation for political corruption and backroom deals by party insiders.  Republican hopeful Carl Paladino’s personal emails were made public to discredit him. Sitting Governor Paterson was hit by a series of scandals, all of which suddenly became public the week after he declared his intent to seek re-election. He subsequently withdrew.

The most blatant example of New York corruption in this year’s election season involves GOP political consultant and insider Roger Stone.  Roger Stone’s attempt to use backroom deals and intimidation were recently exposed by GOP insurgent and Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate Warren Redlich. The entire exchange can be read here.

Stone’s client Kristen Davis also sought the Libertarian nomination for governor. Stone points out in his correspondence that Davis, with her platform to legalize marijuana and prostitution, would draw more votes from the Democratic candidate, while Redlich’s platform of spending cuts would draw more votes from the Republican. The GOP would benefit if Davis received the nomination instead of Redlich.

Stone first attempted to circumvent the grassroots nomination process by attempting to cut a deal with Redlich.  When Stone failed to persuade Redlich to step aside in favor of Davis, he falsely represented himself as an agent for the gubernatorial campaign of Republican Carl Paladino.

When bribery and cronyism failed to convince Redlich to reach an “accommodation” regarding the Libertarian Party nominating convention on April 24, Stone turned to intimidation.  He threatened to petition on the Libertarian line in order to falsely represent his candidate as the Libertarian Party nominee.

Warren Redlich then publicly released the evidence of Stone’s backroom dealings.  In retaliation, Roger Stone threatened to sue Redlich for $25 million and launched misleading attacks against Redlich before and during the Libertarian Party nominating convention. Redlich received the nomination.

New York has a long history of determining political outcomes in smoke-filled backrooms.  Free & Equal believes that the people should choose their elected representatives in a fair and open process.  Deals made to fix conventions and reduce the number of choices available to voters harm the integrity of the electoral process.

Good government requires a true grassroots process that serves the people of New York, rather than a few political insiders.  Free & Equal encourages other New York political candidates to follow Redlich’s lead and reject cronyism in favor of free and open elections.

8 thoughts on “Press Release: NY gubernatorial candidate exposes corrupt backroom deals

  1. Green Party Conservative

    Clay is right about voting for the Green Party’s Howie Hawkins…

    Other Green Party news floating around the web..

    David William Gillis Jr has been confirmed on the ballot for the Independent Green Party of Virginia. Gillis is the Indy Green on the ballot in the 11th Congressional district in Virginia.

    The Indy Greens collected about 3,000 signatures to get Gillis on the ballot in the General election on Nov 2, 2010.

    Other Indy Green U.S. House of Representative petition drives on underway in the 8th congressional district for retired Navy Captain Ron “for Rail” Fisher.

    Fisher has submitted over 3,000 signatures as well.

    Virginia requires 1,000 valid signatures for a U.S. House race.

    Fisher is a progressive Green Party guy..

  2. Danny S

    On the one hand, I must applaud Mr. Redlich. It took guts to publish all of that and show Mr. Stone’s efforts for what they were.

    On the other hand, it was political suicide. It would have been far better for Redlich to simply reject the deal. Now, he has the Republican establishment pissed at him, has made it appear like it is impossible to work with Libertarians, and burned a possible track to electoral success.

  3. Sinclair

    Because of the ridiculous election laws in New York, Redlich will need 15,000 petition signatures to get on the ballot at a Libertarian. Good luck to him. I hope he does and gets the 50,000 votes to give the LP ballot access for the next 4 years. That’s the most important thing in this governor’s race in my opinion.

  4. "What have you been smoking ????" ......... Don Lake

    LibertarianBlue // May 10, 2010:
    “Lake, do you ever have anything meaningful to contribute”

    Wanna shut me up or even get an apology from me ???? Point out where I am wrong!

    *Personal Observation* or *Multiple References*; Lib Grrl, what is so unmeaningful ’bout the truth ?????????

    The most gripes I get ’bout ‘LP as GOP Lite’ is from present and past Libs!

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