Green Party results: Presidential Election in Colombia

Antanas Mockus is the Green Party of Colombia candidate for President. Election Day was yesterday, May 30, 2010. Mockus recieved 21.5 percent of the vote, and was in second place, qualifying him for the run-off election. Here are some articles about the election:

As reported at the Christian Science Monitor:

Polls had suggested that upstart Antanas Mockus was in a dead heat with Juan Manuel Santos in the Colombia presidential election. But Mr. Santos won the first round handily. He will face Mr. Mockus on the final ballot on June 20…

[Antanas] Mockus, the green party candidate who has largely shunned traditional politics, relied on social networking sites such as Facebook to fuel his campaign. He has appealed to so many here, especially university students, the same way “outsiders” have won elections among voters tired of traditional politics across Latin America.

There has been ongoing coverage of the race, including an article in Spanish, at Green Party Watch.

An opinion piece at Colombia Reports on-line discusses the controversy about the difference between the polling and the outcome in this race, and explores accusations of possible fraud.

5 thoughts on “Green Party results: Presidential Election in Colombia

  1. Hayden

    It concerns me that Mr Mockus praises Hugo Chavez. I don’t know that he has the cojones to stand up to the Caudillo or FARC.

  2. Luisa Zuluaga

    Mockus does NOT praise Chavez, that’s insulting and misleading. truth is people voted out of fear and misinformation. Too many dark things in Colombian elections as usual: Santos meeting with union leaders of the elections’ office, ownesrship of the media in the country and the illegal intervention of the current president Uribe, corrupted to the bones, want some more? there’s more… unfortunately not a lot of space

  3. Green Party Conservative

    Too many dark things in Columbian elections as usual…

    That’s the bottom line I’m hearing from Green Party friends in Columbia.

    So the Green Party and Mockus must keep rolling…forward, upward…

  4. Stella Huerfano

    By yesterday, June 19th, it was known that Juan Manuel Santos was owner and main member of the board of directors of Thomas Greg and Sons Col. since 2002. This is the company that handles all the Colombian polls ballot’s distribution, security and transportation. Also it is known that he became Uribe’s Minister of Defense one month after he resigned his position at this company. Still he and his family are owners. But nobody seems to care about the obvious conflict of interest.

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