Warren Redlich: ‘The Republican/Libertarian Al Franken’

Posted at Warren Redlich for New York Governor:

The Republican and Libertarian candidate will Stop Wasting Money by cutting spending, eliminating unnecessary programs, and capping bureaucrat pay and pensions. Read about the issues. Watch our videos. Join us on Facebook. Volunteer. And contribute so we can tell others.

Newsday called Warren the Republican Al Franken after seeing this speech … as a compliment.

Elsewhere on the front page of Redlich for Governor:

School Pensions

To get an idea of the pension problem in New York, check out the top school pensions from SeeThroughNY.net (image at link).

Short story – There are over 1000 school retirees getting pensions of over $100,000 a year. There’s even some at the top getting over $200K. This is the kind of excess we see in government that needs to be corrected, and why Warren Redlich calls for capping pay and pensions.

T-shirt and bumper stickers

To the New York Times …
28 April 2010, 5:42 am

I sent this to the NY Times editorial e-mail (editorial@nytimes.com) this morning:

On the 25th you published this editorial – http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/26/opinion/26mon1.html – closing with the following:

“The only good news in all this is that New York’s voters are finally fed up. If you’re honest, have good ideas and are willing to work for a living, now is the time to run. Too much time has already been wasted.”

You should have mentioned that your paper won’t cover such candidates.

I announced my candidacy on February 1st. I specifically stopped by the NY Times desk at the Capitol and talked with one of the reporters. The Times did not cover my announcement.

Over the past two-and-a-half months I have sent several media advisories and/or press releases to the Times’ LCA staff. I have never been mentioned by the Times.

On April 13th, Mr. Confessore wrote an article about Carl Paladino, including this: “He is running against Rick Lazio, a former congressman, and Steve Levy ….”

He didn’t even include an ” … and Warren Redlich.”

That week I spoke at three Tea Party events to thousands of people. I sent advisories to the Times before and links to video after. Still nothing.

I was endorsed by the Libertarian Party on Saturday – the first GOP candidate to secure a third-party line. Nothing.

The Times has covered the Manhattan Madam’s campaign. It has covered Carl Paladino’s campaign. Maybe I’m not colorful enough.

I’m the only candidate with a real plan to cut spending, by capping pay and eliminating state agencies. Perhaps now you might let your readers know. “Too much time has already been wasted.”

Warren Redlich

5 thoughts on “Warren Redlich: ‘The Republican/Libertarian Al Franken’

  1. MN Indy

    I’m not sure what “Al Franken” means in this context, or why it is supposed to be a compliment. Since his election, Franken has basically followed the Obama/Democratic Party line.

  2. paulie Post author

    Here’s what the Newsday link goes to:


    “Never heard Warren Redlich? Here’s his standup act…

    No, this is not a clip from Comedy Central. And the man speaking here is not joking so much as making a point. But he is entertaining — with really decent timing and delivery. The speaker, Warren Redlich, from the Capital District. He’s the “Stop Wasting Money” Republican candidate for governor (Web site here)– who’s looking for respect, sounds unusually liberty-minded, and…”

  3. paulie Post author

    That is mentioned in the NY Times letter quoted in the article, although not in the Newsday selection that can be seen without registering.

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