California Voter Guide Carries Arguments About Prop 14 and Candidate Statements

The California Voter Guide has been made available online in anticipation of the June 8th primaries. The guide includes, amongst many other things, statements from third party candidates and arguments concerning Proposition 14, the Top Two Primary.

Marsha Feinland, a Senatorial candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party nomination, placed this statement in the voter guide:

Withdraw all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan now. Provide free health care for everyone. Regulate corporations and expand public transportation to protect the environment. Let’s decide what we need and use our country’s wealth to pay for it. Register Peace and Freedom before May 24. Vote Feinland for Senate June 8.

Chelene Nightingale, a gubernatorial candidate for the American Independent Party nomination, placed this statement:

Public benefits for illegal immigrants costs Californians $12,000,000 yearly. Central Valley agriculture loses $2,000,000 annually protecting smelt. Schwarzenegger’s global warming “solution” decimated California business. Let’s “We the People” take back California from full-time legislators, special interests, and big money spenders. As a homeschooling mother I will fight for our children’s future. This business woman will create sound money solutions for our fiscal crisis. Campaigning for liberty, state, and individual rights!

Laura Wells, a gubernatorial candidate for the Green Party nomination, put this statement in the guide:

Values—that’s why I registered Green. I’ve served as your State Controller candidate twice, to “follow the money,” receiving the most California Green Party partisan votes ever: over 400,000. Now I’m running for Governor to “fix the money!” Hundreds of Greens, including over 50 elected mayors, city council, county council, and school board members are endorsing my campaign to spread the message: yes, California has problems, and yes, proven and innovative solutions exist. We can have a State Bank, to invest in California not Wall Street. We, our children, and grandchildren can preserve the good of Prop 13: keep people in their homes—and fix the bad: eliminate the two-thirds majority votes that safeguard only the richest of the rich. This is a great year to spread our message and build the Green Party. I’m asking for your support:

There are many other statements by many other candidates–every California voter should peruse the voter guide a bit. There were no Libertarian Party candidate statements, for some reason.

8 thoughts on “California Voter Guide Carries Arguments About Prop 14 and Candidate Statements

  1. Richard Winger

    It is very expensive to put these comments into the Guide. I forget the formula, but it is something like $5 per word, or maybe $10 per word. And there are no contested Libertarian primaries this year in California. Probably plenty of Libertarians will have comments in the general election pamphlet.

  2. Gary

    A Libertarian who ran for a College Board Trustee post in Los Angeles was in shock. It cost some $13,000 for a simple ballot statment.

  3. Jeremy Young

    BTW, Trent, very nice job with these posts — you’re an excellent and very professional writer. Good to see more of your work on the site (rather than just your editing).

  4. Prop 14 Supporter

    Prop 14 is headed toward a beautiful and God-deserved victory. I have persuaded several hundred friends, acquaintances, family members and even enemies to vote for Prop 14. Thanks Abel Maldenado, I hope you will get the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, to give obama a worthy opponent.

  5. Michael Seebeck

    Richard @1 is correct. It makes no sense to waste money on voter guide statements for uncontested races, and the lone we had (59th Assembly, for an unusual occurrence) wasn’t worth the effort.

  6. wolfefan

    This was the first time I’d ever seen a LaRouche – affiliated candidate running as a part of the American Independent Party. Usually they’re in the Democratic Party primaries – even won one in Texas’ 22nd congressional district.

  7. Trent Hill Post author

    Thanks Jeremy =). Glad someone appreciates it!

    wolfefan, I found it odd that Lauten was a Larouchie too. I suspect that will cost him his primary.

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