Dan Hamburg Places First In Mendocino County Supervisor Race, Faces Runoff

Dan Hamburg is a former Democratic Congressman from California as well as the gubernatorial candidate for the Green Party in 1998. Hamburg ran for Mendocino County Supervisor this year and placed first, with 34%. However, since he did not win a majority, the race is headed for a runoff.

The chances for change are slimmer in the much watched 5th District supervisor race, in which candidates to the left and right of liberal appear to be facing a runoff.

Former supervisor and congressman Dan Hamburg had 1,029 votes or about 34 percent, while Mendocino business consultant Wendy Roberts had 908 votes, or 30 percent.

Jim Mastin was in third place with 644 votes, about 21 percent, and former supervisor Norman de Vall came in fourth with 430 votes, or 14 percent.

There are 2,442 ballots awaiting processing in that race.

Hamburg and Roberts said they plan to focus in coming months on the issues and their differences. Both consider themselves liberal, but Hamburg is farther to the left of Roberts.

“I think there’s a tremendous need for a reasonable, balanced person who’s going to stick to the job,” said Roberts, who refers to herself as a “tree-hugging job lover.”

Richard Winger adds: “Mendocino County is on the northern California coast, and formerly had a District Attorney who was a registered Libertarian.”

9 thoughts on “Dan Hamburg Places First In Mendocino County Supervisor Race, Faces Runoff

  1. Tazpayer

    Wow. Hard to believe you can win an election with only 1,029 votes. Even city council members where I live need 23,000+ in an 8- or 10- way race.

  2. Green Party Conservative

    One local green party candidate for the US Senate says she thinks she has the answer to bring jobs to the region.

    Cecile Lawrence, a Green Party candidate from Apalachin, says she understands that times are tough, but hopes people don’t turn to the natural gas industry for jobs.

    Instead, she hopes to convince legislators and corporations to bring safer jobs to the area.

    She says jobs in public works are cleaner, safer and healthier for people and the environment.

    “Don’t go to gas drilling for jobs, support the green party with its plan for having a work, a plan like what we had during the depression, which is a workers program for giving people good jobs. Like for example, working in the parks, healthy jobs, not jobs fracking, working on drilling paths which are amongst the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous there is,” said Cecile Lawrence, a US Senate Candidate from the Green Party.

    Lawrence will be running for U.S. Senate in November’s election.


  3. Green Party Conservative

    Socialists back Howie Hawkins’ Green bid for governor
    Published: Monday, June 14, 2010, 12:50 PM Updated: Monday, June 14, 2010, 12:53 PM
    John Mariani / The Post-Standard
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    Syracuse, NY – Syracuse resident Howie Hawkins’ Green Party candidacy for governor is getting a boost from the Socialist Party of New York State.

    The Socialists, convening in Schenectady this weekend, chose Hawkins as their candidate, said Billy Wharton, a national co-chairman of the Socialist Party USA.

    Hawkins was the only candidate nominated and the unanimous choice of the 20 delegates from New York City, Syracuse and Binghamton who convened in Schenectady, Wharton said.

    Instead of trying to put Hawkins on a separate ballot line, the Socialists will help gather the 15,000 signatures that Hawkins must collect to appear on the ballot on the Green line, then work to get him at least 50,000 votes in the fall election, Wharton said.


  4. Trent Hill Post author

    Green Party Conservative,

    Thank you–but please email links and tips to us instead of posting them in non-related stories.

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