Howie Hawkins Endorsed By Socialist Party of New York

Howie Hawkins is a longtime activist in the Green Party, as well as the gubernatorial candidate for the New York Green Party. He seems to be getting a boost from the Socialist Party of New York, too.

Syracuse resident Howie Hawkins’ Green Party candidacy for governor is getting a boost from the Socialist Party of New York State.

The Socialists, convening in Schenectady this weekend, chose Hawkins as their candidate, said Billy Wharton, a national co-chairman of the Socialist Party USA.

Hawkins was the only candidate nominated and the unanimous choice of the 20 delegates from New York City, Syracuse and Binghamton who convened in Schenectady, Wharton said. Instead of trying to put Hawkins on a separate ballot line, the Socialists will help gather the 15,000 signatures that Hawkins must collect to appear on the ballot on the Green line, then work to get him at least 50,000 votes in the fall election, Wharton said.

“We’re telling people we’re Reds who are voting Green,” Wharton quipped.

The Socialist Party USA has around 1,000 members nationally and was founded in 1973.

10 thoughts on “Howie Hawkins Endorsed By Socialist Party of New York

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    lol, I’m not sure the Green Party should be getting help from the Socialist Party…

  2. Vaughn

    In a perfect world where voters can choose between candidates that can get on the ballot easily in a multi-party democracy, this wouldn’t be necessary.

    But there is enough overlap to make this work. The Socialist and Green Parties of Michigan have a cooperation agreement that has them work together.

  3. Vaughn

    This is reminiscent of the Socialist Party of America endorsing the Progressive Robert LaFollette in 1924. ~17% of the vote.

  4. Trent Hill Post author

    Not really. Robert LaFollete was a former Us Senator, Us Congressman, DA, etc. Hawkins is just a Green Party activist who has never been elected to any office. Also, the Socialist Party is TINY compared to back in 1924.

  5. Green Party Conservative

    There were 20 people at the meeting, according to news reports.

    If they all go help collect petition signatures to get the Green Party and Howie on the ballot that will make a positive difference.

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