Kristin Davis To Run Under Reform Party Label

Kristen Davis is a candidate for Governor this year in New York. She has achieved some level of public recognition because she is the ex-madam who came to fame during ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer’s sex scandal. Davis wanted to be nominated by the Libertarian Party earlier this year. When she failed to get that party’s nomination, she claimed she would set up a Free Libertarian Party and run under that label. Now Richard Winger has reported that she will run under the label of the Reform Party.

53 thoughts on “Kristin Davis To Run Under Reform Party Label

  1. Robert Milnes

    A few weeks ago I sent Davis an email asking her to consider vp on my Independent ticket. The assumption is that she is a libertarian.
    Haven’t heard anything.

  2. Robert Capozzi

    So, is Davis forming her own “Reform Party” or is this the Independence Party of NY renaming itself?

  3. JT

    Milnes: “Haven’t heard anything.”

    No way…are you serious?? Here’s an idea: tell her she’s an idiot who’s going to lose unless she tries PLAS. That will convince her.

  4. Robert Milnes

    The system successfully whack a moles candidates every time. Yet they keep coming back & try again. & get whack a moled again etc. & they act like that is normal.
    If Einstein said the definition of insanity is trying the same thing & expecting different results & candidates do not listen, how can I be expected to change their minds?

  5. Dennis

    It is her own newly formed “REFORM PARTY.”
    In my opinion, the RPUSA should discuss affiliating her party with her.

  6. Trent Hill Post author

    This is a new party in NY–not the renaming of the Independence Party.

  7. Jake


    I am pretty sure they are endorsing one of the Democrats or Republicans in the race… perhaps it is Cuomo?

    while I do believe she is a risky candidate; I have come to believe that the RPUSA should probably find some kind of working relationship (no jokes on that one lol) with her.

    Once she is on the ballot press is easy for her to receive (has already received some too) and I expect some interest will arise. The question will be who is her LT. Governor candidate going to be? That will make or break the Legitimacy of her campaign in polling at any respectable number.

  8. pete healey

    The Independence Party of New York State has endorsed Andrew Cuomo for Governor. So far, there are also governor candidates in New York from the Greens, Libertarians, the “Freedom” Party initiated by NY City Councilman Charles Barron, and placeholders for the Working Families Party (still hoping and praying that they can get beyond their campaign finance scandal and Cuomo will accept their endorsement, which he has refused to do so far). I’m sure there are others I’m not aware of but it’s already a crowded field.

  9. Robert Capozzi

    Based on the sideshow antics, my guess is that Davis will be a political one-hit wonder. Other than her compellingly injust treatment in the legal system, it’s not obvious to me that her cause will translate into a meaningful electoral movement. It sucks that she went to the slam for promoting capitalist acts among consenting adults, but NYers seem unlikely to view this as a priority matter requiring an out-of-the-box electoral palliative that has no track record for pain relief or healing.

  10. Mik Robertson

    It is true that one-issue candidates don’t go very far unless that one issue is far and away the dominating issue of the day. Prostitution and marijuana won’t do it, though.

    I still think that if she expanded her campaign issues she could make a good balance to a Wayne Root Presidential ticket. She is articulate, telegenic, and would be a good left-balance to Wayne’s right-leaning approach.

  11. Jake

    Robert Capozzi i do not believe that she will create a movement either, but all her line would need is 50,000 or so votes and then she has established a new minor party in NY called “The Reform Party”.

    I would think she could probably garner 50,000 votes if she finds a somewhat respectable candidate for LT. Governor. Without that then she will fade rather quickly once September hits.

    Respectable LT candidate’s would include someone who was maybe a mayor of a mid-sized town, author, professor, respected businessman. She can not have an “activist” or some random nobody step in.

    I could honestly see Davis getting 2-3% of the vote in the Election. Do you guys think that is possible?

  12. Vaughn

    I see vote splitting that might cost both this new Reform Party and the Libertarians a ballot line…unless there is a revision that expands it to 50,000 for all state offices.

  13. Robert Capozzi

    J and V, highly unlikely the Davis Reformers get 50K. Somewhat less unlikely the LP does with or without Davis in the race, but on the margin she makes it harder.

    I was somewhat intrigued by a Davis run on the LP line, but while I think what she was incarcerated for should not be illegal, I’d say it’s not an especially sympathetic profession with most voters.

    The NYLP is one of our most experimental states, in part because of cross-endorsements, in part because NYers are more open to out-of-the-box thinking than most other states, in my judgment. That’s to be encouraged, IMO.

    For all we know, Davis and Stone were trojan horses looking to sabotage the LP. While I seriously doubt that’s their motive, it would be a positive sign. Usu. Ls are completely disregarded! Might — oddly enough — represent a kind of progress!

  14. Robert Milnes

    Vaughn, finally a comment that makes a little bit of sense.
    Mik Robertson @13, you went from a possible fusion ticket winning in 2012-Milnes/Davis to a guaranteed losing BIG ticket-Root Davis, in one comment. 2 paragraphs,4 sentences. What a moron. Succinct though.

  15. clay

    Most likely, the qualified parties in new york by 2011 will be democratic, republican, conservative, independence, working families, paladino’s party, and maybe davis’ reform party.

  16. clay

    Mike Long doesn’t think there’ll be a new “tea” party, as in a paladino party. I think he’s wrong.

  17. Warren Redlich

    Not sure why you all have so little faith in me. I polled at 3-4% in March.
    I’m doing a lot more in my campaign than Davis too.
    Of course Stone was trying to sabotage the LP.

  18. Trent Hill Post author


    No offense, but plenty of statewide third party candidates poll 3-5% early on. Their poll numbers decline precipitously after that.

  19. Jake

    Paladino is an interesting case. He seems to have a lot of money to spend BUT does not know exactly how to spend it. Kind of like how the Seattle Mariners built their baseball team if anybody watches baseball.

    I do not know if his third party run will be more like Max Linn from Florida, in-between like Chris Daggett in NJ, or actually make a serious dent in the spectrum like what we are seeing in Massachusetts, Florida, and Rhode Island so far. I just don’t know!

    If I had to take a guess I would say Paladino has enough money to make his name recognizable until the Election, but he really needs to gain some serious momentum- by doing more town hall meetings in my opinion not just by waving signs.

    my prediction would be Davis polls as high as 5-6% but gets closer to 2. Paladino could poll in double digits but gets around 6-7%.

  20. ........ Calling for Rational Thot, [Lake]

    Trent Hill // Jun 29, 2010:
    “plenty of statewide third party candidates poll 3-5% [Lake: and even 8% – 10%] early on. Their poll numbers decline precipitously after that …….”

    [a] Henry Ross Perot LEAD Bush 41 and Clinton at times in 1992!

    [b] John B. Anderson [a fine, fine, fine person] and the National Unity Party ticket topped 12% (often) and 15% (occasionally) in 1980!

    [c] In general I agree with the Louisiana Loose Cannon close to 100%!

  21. Robert Capozzi

    wr, it’s not a question of faith or lack thereof. If I still lived in NY, I’d surely vote for you. By all means, run the best campaign you can…take it to them!

    Odds remain long for NY ballot status. It’s just a recognition of previous elections. More 3rd party entrants only make the longshot longer, that’s all.

  22. Warren Redlich

    Davis is a longshot to get on the ballot. How can you take her seriously? She’s already on her third party name.

    Paladino will not run 3rd party effort if he doesn’t win GOP primary – polls have him losing that 3-1.

    Great year for third party run because the wasted vote argument is dead. No one thinks Lazio has a chance.

    And I’m different from past LPNY Gov candidates. I’ve actually won an election. I have substantial positive name recognition from my statewide business. Not enough to win of course, but 1-2% is well within reach.

  23. Robert Capozzi

    wr, yes, if the premise is correct — that Lazio has absolutely NO chance and that’s widely acknowledged (perception is reality, after all) — your chances are MUCH better than in recent years. Hope things break your (and our) way.

    I don’t take Davis seriously, actually. I didn’t take Howard Stern seriously, either, but at least he was not notorious/noteworthy for being an ex-felon. Had he stayed in the campaign, I liked his chances for achieving ballot status.

    You are MUCH more credible as a candidate than most of not only NY’s gubernatorial candidates, but most/virtually all state LP’s candidates for statewide office. By all means, play that card!

    NY politics are among the most interesting in the country. It’s not nearly as left-liberal as many believe. The biggest challenge I see for liberty in NY is that those who lean pro-freedom are often pro-life, I suspect at higher rates than many non-Southern coastal states due to a high percentage of Catholics there. (Of course, not all Catholics are pro-life, and not all of those who are are single issue voters. Still, the pro-life angle was probably the single biggest reason that the Weld experiment failed.)

    Adding to the mix of challenges for your campaign is what I call the sociopath factor. We’ve seen it on the national level with a former candidate for the LP’s presidential nomination turning around and narcing to the FEC over a bookkeeping error. There’s a couple of people in the LPNY who seem to fit that sociopathic mold, using litigious means to cover up their inability to play well with others.

    Most unfortunate.

    How to fix this sociopath problem in the LP I haven’t a clue. Challenging their emotion dysfunction only makes them angrier. Ignoring them seems to only embolden them, as they use litigious and dilatory tactics to block any efforts toward making the LP relevant, as they seem to have descended deep into the victimology rabbit hole that, to them, seems to be cozy and comfortable.

    Still, the truth will set us free. And we shall overcome…some day.

    We’re pulling for you.

  24. I guess you all like him

    For all the insults that you throw at Wayne, I can’t help wonder, it like boys hate girl, but really deep down inside, you really love the guy. You just can’t admit it, because you all are soo obsessed that you can’t quit talking about him.

  25. Mik Robertson

    @28 I would agree Davis is a long shot to get on the ballot. I think you are probably in the best position to reach the goal of 50,000 votes of any LP candidate to date. Who knows what a little luck might bring as well.

  26. Robert Milnes

    GPC, hmmmmm…..that kind of sounds like PLAS. You DO know she’s a l libertarian, don’t you?
    Running a l on the GP ballot is equivalent to running L but no Green on the same ballot. As far as no competition for the inclusive progressive/libertarian vote goes.

  27. Robert Milnes

    Interesting. I had not thought of that. It is another argument in favor of PLAS. If there is no party candidate but a ballot available to be filled, a candidate from the other party or an Independent could fill it.

  28. Eric Sundwall

    I’ll throw my two cents in here too.

    Media is not an electoral metric. Polling is, somewhat. Warren’s 3-4% in the general is unprecedented for LPNY candidates in the past.

    I think what people are forgetting is the upstate factor. We’re fundamentally different than the bagel chomping collectivists in the beehive. We’re tough independent thinkers consigned to the idiocy of the city (citidiots as the hardcore in Columbia County say) and usually just press on with our lives despite Albany.

    Warren’s been doing radio interviews in Albany, Syracuse and elsewhere. These go out all over upstate. This is a conscious strategy, given Lazio’s poor chances. No one, repeat no one, upstate cares a hoot about Davis. It’s a joke. She has no demonstrable demographic and this will be a great foil to the whole faux celebrity dilemma we always face.

    Paladino flakes out after his loss in the primary (or before) and uber-Republicans don’t follow him on the third party path. The P people think they need another line to win. When they realize that’s not possible, many will naturally come to the LP. If they do form a new party, cranks like Lenny Roberto will just make it an apparatchik for the GOP (think Conservative party). Yet, they claim they don’t want this. Schizophrenic at best. We openly proclaim our resistance to politics as usual at all levels. People want this.

    If we get 50K for the LPNY, the nature of the party changes into NYS electoral law. Thus colonization becomes a big risk without a strong state committee. Winning will reduce the traditional LP flake factor (ie Tom Stevens, Sam Sloan) and will open up a new risk ala Fuliani etc.

    This time in 2006, Weld had dumped us, the State committee was in disarray and John Clifton got like two media mentions before November. The Spitzer coronation was certain and the economic crunch wasn’t nearly the factor.

    In 2002 Scott Jeffrey basically promised us a no money ballot drive and got to be in a debate with Pataki. Chris Garvey was the party stalwart in 1998 and the Internet was not nearly as developed or capable.

    Warren and I are Net, Media and people savvy, capable of delivering a bit more this year. He’s an elected official, Stanford and Rice grad and got 70K votes in the overly gerrymandered Albany 21st CD.

    There is plenty of reason to suggest WR is more successful than anything Stone can muster with Davis. Paladino’s troops are green and untested and will lose resolve in the voter booth. Bob Barr got 22K in NY, with no campaigning.

    We’re gearing up for a successful petition drive that will likely get challenged. This is usually bad, but really flattering because we’ve got them worried.

  29. Robert Capozzi

    es: We’re fundamentally different than the bagel chomping collectivists in the beehive. We’re tough independent thinkers consigned to the idiocy of the city (citidiots as the hardcore in Columbia County say) and usually just press on with our lives despite Albany.

    me: Hmm, is this your version of Dale Carnegie? I was under the impression you are Redlich’s campaign manager, but I must be incorrect. A savvy campaign manager would NEVER say such things about half his client’s constituency. (If he/she would say something like this, I’d like to hear a coherent rationale.)

    I’d certainly agree that it’s fair to say that NYC’s politics are not in line with a L approach. However, to say that NYCers are “citidiots” is way over the line, especially when one considers that some of the most brilliant, successful people on Earth live and work there.

    I’d also strongly consider losing the term “bagel chomping” as some might take that as an ethnic slur.

    Oh, yes, didn’t Ayn and Murray live in the “beehive” for much of their respective lives?

    My pastoral Brother, consider breathing in some of that fresh Adirondack air before posting such nonsense.

  30. Warren Redlich

    Adirondack? He’s in the Taconic Hills, not the Dacks.
    I agree with a lot of what Eric said, but I love bagels, and I think Paladino has a shot in the primary – but not in November.
    If Paladino wins the primary, his 3rd party becomes irrelevant. If he loses he quits the race.

    Something not mentioned – my web presence gives me substantial name recognition. The web also makes campaigning more effective if you use it well. I do.

  31. Eric Sundwall

    RC – I’m guessing 8 million New Yorkers aren’t reading this blog either. Take a chill pill.

    Sorry sharing a county joke gets you so uptight. The reality is that we won’t get much traction down there, thus an upstate strategy isn’t so hillbilly . . . I get the bumpkin thing a lot from you sophisticated types. geeesh

  32. Robert Capozzi

    es, humor often reveals one’s state of mind — unedited.

    If you are following an upstate strategy, that probably makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. As I hail from the Isle of Long, there was a time that the further eastern parts got pretty L in attitude, too. Not only am I from there, but the esteemed Angela Keaton hails from the North Fork.

    The Outrighters might think you’re making a big mistake…that an east coast Root approach — going for Tea Party and conservative elements — is a mistake. Performance art events in the Village and Fire Island might be more fruitful. 😉 Make the number-one issue of the Redlich campaign same-gender marriage, they might suggest.

    I seem to recall an LPNY gubernatorial candidate in the 80s who was gay, although he didn’t advertise that fact. He was being interviewed by The Blade and they asked why gays should vote for him. He told them “because I am gay.” This got the reporter’s interest piqued, so he loosened up and asked the candidate what he thought the single biggest issue confronting gay NYers was. The candidate answered, “High taxes.”

    That said, my sense is that upstaters aren’t especially socially intolerant. Differentiating Redlich and an L approach on social issues from the Rs seems indicated to this former NYer. Life/choice, however, not so much, would be my guess.

    BTW, Eric, thanks for your concern about whether I’m feeling uptight, but I’m not. Looked to me like you needed one serious course correction. For the good of the campaign, I’d hate to see you degenerate into a kind of upstate Jackie Mason! 😉

  33. Warren Redlich

    Mr. Milnes,
    Before you said that I figured I was a lock to be the next Governor of New York. But, thanks to the splash of water you provided, I now realize I’m a bit of a long shot.
    Boy, you saved me from a big letdown in November. Can’t thank you enough.
    By the way, which election did you win before?


  34. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home urges 'Impeach Obama' .....

    An alternate ‘reform movement’ paradyme (of sorts) ‘Never again will one generation of Veterans abandon another!’

    Action Group Newsletter to Reform Party USA ~ Vol.8, No.11 [228th Edition]

    “Reporting what others think…but won’t say publicly!”


    It seems that no matter where one looks these days – governments & corporations & ethnic gangs & drug cartels are GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER

    [Lake: say what you will but at least these folks stand up to the Israel First American Zionists instead of (California: John Blare, John Dennis Coffey, Valli Sharpe Geisler, John Bambey) folding like a cheap futon!]

  35. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Regarding Post 50: I do not receive the RfP USA Newsletter. The letter from the Reform Party to Ms. Davis was sent to me privately.

  36. Open Comment from California ..... Lake

    Well I do ——- and waited eight minutes for the darn little wheel to quit rolling around B4 I ‘pulled the plug’ —– thank you for the feed back.

    You have always seemed to the logic, clear headed superior of Kubby, Knapp, Phillies, Rider, Cohen, Holtz, and, of course, W. A. R. Thx again!

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