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Libertarians believe America’s political mood is swinging their direction

LP blog:

The Libertarian Party of Texas holds its state convention this weekend, June 12-13. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes:

With much of the electorate now embracing their contempt for big government and oppressive regulation, members of the Texas Libertarian Party believe that they are finally getting a long-overdue measure of respect as they prepare to choose their nominees for governor and other statewide offices.

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  1. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson June 15, 2010

    I always suggest to people that they should read this blog

    everyday and here’s a good reason.

    It is the second posting for today. Enjoy!

    “The Economics of Libertarianism, Revealed


    Today’s Economist

    Edward L. Glaeser is an economics professor at Harvard.

    It is both the best and worst of times for libertarians. On the plus side, real, live politicians who might conceivably get elected call themselves libertarians. On the negative side, true libertarians have lost their ancient luxury of being able to avoid any responsibility for the gaffes and errors of political leaders.

    Libertarianism rests on two bedrock beliefs: human freedom is a great good and the public sector tends to screw things up. The first belief is based more on faith than empirical result; the second derives from millennia of human experience. The increased appeal of libertarianism today reflects a nonpartisan view that the public sector has been deeply problematic under either party. It is a backlash against President Bush as well as President Obama. (Ron Paul was, after all, the only Republican to vote against the 2002 Iraq war resolution). Libertarians tend to think that the Bush years taught that all governments were flawed, not that everything would be better with a new leader who would expand the public sector.”

  2. Inappropriate Inappropriate June 15, 2010

    Completely inappropriate and not entirely truthful.

  3. Seebeck is a ROCKSTAR Seebeck is a ROCKSTAR June 14, 2010

    Apparently things aren’t going as well in California. Reports are growing that the newest interim Southern Vice Chair started threatening members and scaring away new prospects at a local meeting last week.

    Mr.Setback as some have begun calling him attended the meeting as a representative of the state party and was slated to report on news relevant from the national convention. Whittle hapless members of one of California’s largest affiliates got was a disruptive and violent display more worthy of a hypoglycemic teenager than an ambassador from a professional political organization.

    The warnings that the San Bernardino County LP’s meeting might not follow its normal very cohesive and productive course began early when the Southern Vice Chair had to be asked repeatedly not to interrupt the guest speakers several times. Later he presented a very odd and protracted report which featured Mr. Seebeck rolling his head back and forth, eyes upward telling various ceiling tiles about his management and production of radio advertising against top two.

    Later as a county membership (nearly thirty in attendance) listened to a county committee chair discuss strategies for a registration and membership drive, Mr. Seebeck became inexplicably combative again having to be asked several times to allow the presentation to continue.

    “You ate shitting on the state party!” He yelled at one young college libertarian interested in creating college radio commercials sponsored by the local group. As the meeting was adjourned the Southern Vice chair flew into the face of one County officer and Executive committee member and started yelling at him. I was unable to tell all that he was saying but it sounded like he was threatening him to follow the states plan for recruiting or the county would be penalized. A member sitting a short distance away snorted in shock to the display and was delivered a scathing and violently delivered: “You will SHUT UP!”

    “Are your meetings usually this exciting? I mean that guy isn’t usually here is he?” a new prospect asked outside joking with some of the college kids that brought him along.

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