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New York City Councilman to Run For Governor Under Freedom Democratic Party

Charles Barron is a current New York City Councilman who is dissatisfied with the state of the city’s affairs and with the Democratic Party in general. He says he will run for Governor as a member of a new party, which will be called the New York Freedom Democratic Party. This is an allusion to the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, a civil rights-oriented party in Mississippi which sought to be recognized by the National Committee of the Democratic Party in 1964 as the official state affiliate, but was rebuffed. After the convention they became a third party in Mississippi of some repute.

Councilman Charles Barron provided details Monday of his plans to begin a protest bid for governor, and blasted Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo and the Democratic Party for putting together an all-white statewide ticket.

Mr. Barron, a black leader with a knack for stoking controversy, said he would begin a petition drive to create a new party, the New York Freedom Democratic Party, as a place for minority voters who had grown disenchanted with the Democratic Party. He said Mr. Cuomo had insulted African-American voters by picking a white man, Mayor Robert J. Duffy of Rochester, as his running mate, knowing that the rest of the party’s ticket would be white.

“The Democratic Party has taken our vote for granted for many, many years,” Mr. Barron said in an interview, and added of Mr. Duffy’s selection: “This is the latest slap in the face. This political blackout by Andrew Cuomo is outrageous, that he would be comfortable going with an all-white state slate.”

Barron is a former member of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and gave tacit support in 2009 to Frances Villar, the Party for Socialism and Liberation candidate for Mayor of New York City. Barron will need to collect 15,000 signatures in New York.

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Trent Hill


  1. MM MM October 19, 2010

    I agree with Charles Barron on many issues after hearing him on the Open Line on 98.7 Kiss FM this past Sunday. We have 3 million registered minority voters in NY and the winner of the race will have 1.2 to 1.5 million votes. We have to finally use our power for some good. The Democratic party has taken us for granted for too long. They only use us when they need votes and do nothing for us. They know we don’t want to go to the openly racist Republicans. We need to stand up and set the bar for the rest of the nation to get out of the clutches of the Mainstream media and the oligarchy of powerful interests who are brainwashing us in the Matrix.

  2. Former Green Party member Former Green Party member August 11, 2010

    Baron would be loved by many in the Green Party, but the Green Party is still white lead. In that whiteness allot of nonsense occurs. For example the Green Party chapter of the Bronx, does not have any of its administrative members in the Bronx, and they launched an investigation against Cynthia McKinney because she was reaching out to “open” white racists. These “self proclaimed GP investigators” (in the closet racists?) did this under the name Bronx Green Party and never told anyone their conclusion. Their main meeting office is in the upper west side of Manhattan. All they did was alienate Rosa Clemente away from the Green Party … and Cynthia is watching the rest of you.

    The Green Party isnt going to do anything about it. The Bronx Greens won’t apologize for their disgusting actions.

    What do you think Baron meant when he said “white progressive parties using us”.

    What did you all think? Baron supported Villar, not Billy. Many Greens don’t even understand how Billy got nominated. It just was.

    Freedom Party!

  3. and [on the GOP side of the Establishment Duopoly function] Dumb Arse and W. A. R.

    “pete healey and Virgina (so called) Independent Green Party mole “GPC” // Jun 15, 2010: are 100% ‘spot on’ ——–”

    “………. As a (big D) Democrat he has an added responsibility to minor party types to prove that he isn’t just ‘jockeying for position’ inside his own party ……. ”

    and as for the Lib Model of alternative parties being mostly disaffective white male loners, well, [a] it is out there and [b] the greens have done as much as any one out side of the Big D (emocrats) ……….

  4. John McDermott John McDermott June 24, 2010

    Councilman Barron may have not joined the Greens because, despite the fact that the Greens took a necessary step in nominating two African women for president in 2008, it is still a party whose overwhelming majority, including its leadership, is white, and the Greens generally, if not completely, do not operate with accountability to Communities Of Color, a practice that can never be reversed with an occasional nomination of a candidate Of Color.

    The Freedom Democratic Party, the party that Barron is running for governor as a member of, is an African-led (but open to all to participate in, even us whites) party that does operate with accountability to, and in the service of, the African-northamerican community, all Communities of Color, and will ultimately benefit the entire population as a result.

  5. Dave Schwab Dave Schwab June 15, 2010

    If Barron were serious about building a party for minority voters who have grown disenchanted with the Democratic Party, he would have thrown his support behind the Green Party, which has already nominated 2 black women for US Senate.

  6. pete healey pete healey June 15, 2010

    Pardon me, I spelled his name wrong, of course it’s Charles Barron.

  7. pete healey pete healey June 15, 2010

    Let Baron say kind words about minor parties, and endorse proportional style election reforms, and I’ll help him get those 15,000 signatures. As a (big D) Democrat he has an added responsibility to minor party types to prove that he isn’t just ‘jockeying for position’ inside his own party.

  8. Jimmy Clifton Jimmy Clifton June 14, 2010

    With Cynthia McKinney in the Party, it doesn’t need another racist, divisive figure.

  9. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | June 14, 2010

    I find it odd that he didnt. He’d be one of their most highly ranked officials. He likely could’ve been at the top of the Green Party statewide ticket, too.

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