Ralph Nader, Christina Tobin, Both On-Air Today Against California’s Proposition 14

Christina Tobin
(415) 599-5222

Ralph Nader
(202) 387-8034

Ralph Nader to Speak against Proposition 14 on Ron Owen’s KGO Show at 9:30 a.m. on Monday

Ralph Nader will speak today against Proposition 14, the Top Two Primaries Act that Gov. Schwarzenegger, Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado, and the California Chamber of Commerce are pushing onto Californians. Nader is scheduled to speak on Ron Owen’s KGO show at 9:30 a.m. PDT on Monday.

Christina Tobin, chair of StopTopTwo.Org, will be interviewed today on KPFK 90.7 FM by Antonio Gonzalez, the host of Strategy Session at 4:30 p.m. PDT. Tobin will also speak against Proposition 14.

Nader and Tobin will address the harm Proposition 14 will cause California voters and taxpayers. The guests will discuss true electoral reform alternatives that will empower voters such as Proportional Representation. Top Two limits choices, is the by-product of a backroom budget deal, and is unproven.

More leaders nationwide are coming out against Proposition 14, most recently former U.S. Congressman and Presidential candidate John Anderson of Illinois and former U.S. Senator Dean Barkley of Minnesota.

“I urge the voters of California to vote against Proposition 14 in the upcoming primary election,” stated Dean Barkley, a founder and chair of the Minnesota Reform Party (the predecessor of the Independence Party of Minnesota) and chair of Jesse Ventura’s successful 1998 gubernatorial campaign. This proposition will silence the much needed voices of independent and third party candidates in General Elections. These voices are needed more than ever in light of our failing two-party system.”

7 thoughts on “Ralph Nader, Christina Tobin, Both On-Air Today Against California’s Proposition 14

  1. Gary

    Banning four out of six political parties from a general election ballot. That sounds a lot like 1933 Germany. The jack-boots are goose stepping in the Golden State.

  2. Week End Down Memory Lane......... Don Lake

    In so many ways, in so many ways!

    The Secretary of State has evolved into a revolving door. This includes the election official and Schwartz En Faker puppet whom attempted a Friday night massacre of the Peace and Freedom Party. The Richard Winger lead grass roots pan partisan response was truly inspiring ……..

  3. Libertarian Party Fan

    Thanks for the great Libertarian Party article.

    Libertarians such as Christina Tobin and Ralph Nader are doing a wonderful job.

    Brave, principled, unstoppable Libertarians.

  4. Don Lake and California

    Libertarians such as Christina Tobin have a legend of detractors ……….

    Her misbehavior with Proposition 14 will really hurt her with the SOS general election in November ……….

  5. CAProp14VoteNo

    NOTHING Christina Tobin has done in all of her tireless and hard work against Prop. 14 is misbevahior. Stupid accusations, are misbehavior, but working to defeat Prop. 14 as much as Christina Tobin has done, reaching millions of voters in just the last couple weeks, is only misbehaving if you are crazy or a power party sycophant.

  6. John R

    I can’t speak for Christina Tobin, but Ralph Nader has never been, nor is he now a member of the Libertarian Party. He ran for president under the Green Party ticket and as an Independent, but never for the Libertarian Party. In fact, I’m quite sure that if you asked him, you’d find that he feels the same way as George Washington and myself that there should really be NO such thing as a political party.

  7. Don Lake and 'counter productive'

    Add to CAProp14VoteNo and his Rogue’s Gallery:

    (Per Christina Tobin // Jun 6, 2010)

    4 paulie // Jun 6, 2010 at 3:31 pm
    “Didn’t IPR use to be on your list of organizations against prop 14 at http://www.stoptoptwo.org/ ?”

    5 Christina Tobin // Jun 6, 2010:
    “Ross Levin, Contributor, Independent Political Report is listed at http://www.stoptoptwo.org.” [spin, spin, spin, OMG this gal is just as bad as the ‘bigs’ ]

    6 Trent Hill // Jun 7, 2010:
    “……. doesn’t really answer the question at all …….. Yes, Paulie, IPR was listed at StopTopTwo.org ……….”

    7 paulie // Jun 7, 2010:
    “Christina told me you and her had some kind of personal falling out …….”

    Trent Hill // Jun 7, 2010:
    “Ms. Tobin through a hissy fit when I told one of her supporters that she was doing damage to the ballot access reform movement through her ego. ”

    “She was airing out her grievances against Kevin Takenaga, Bill Redpath, and the National LP on her facebook–saying they disenfranchised her vote and that they didnt truly care about ballot access reform………. I thought her ego was getting in the way of what could be a good organization.”

    “and a message, via facebook, telling me not to contact her again because she didn’t want my “negativity”……..”

    “A month or so ago, I had similarly criticized her for airing out a grievance against Jesse Benton/Ron Paul–two men who have done quite a lot for ballot access reform.”

    “Ms. Tobin was complaining that Ron Paul hadn’t made the $500 donation to Free&Equal that Jesse Benton had promised her–so she was suggesting Benton/Paul had no integrity and that it reflected badly on them. ”

    “I gentle chided her, at first, that this was likely a bad tact to take—that Paul/Benton had done a great deal to help ballot access reformers. She, however, was only really concerned about the $500 donation. ”

    “Paul had, in the last week or so, made a $500 donation to COFOE, Richard Winger’s ballot access group which Tobin is a board member of. I suggested that perhaps they had gotten confused and Paul/Benton had made the donation there–a seemingly innocent mistake and one that seemed plausible considering the situation. ”

    “Tobin would have none of it and send me a very harsh message telling me to stop commenting on that status immediately because she considered it to be “online defamation”

    “(One wonders what her comments about Benton/Paul were?). I stopped, at her request, despite feeling that Ms. Tobin was being disingenuous about the situation.”

    9 Trent Hill // Jun 7, 2010:
    “I’m sure other people here have contributed articles to help stop top two as well, but they’ll have to contact Christina individually.”

    “Tobin is showing her [lack of] leadership skills. By removing IPR and only listing individual contributors, she lessens the argument against Prop 14. She ought to be able to keep work separated from the personal ……”

    “Tobin should have been busy building bridges instead of using her facebook to complain about Ron Paul, Jesse Benton, Kevin Takenaga, Bill Redpath, and others in the LP. ”

    “Similarly, if she’s going to be involved in politics–she needs to grow thicker skin and learn to take criticism. Her job isn’t to like everyone in the ballot access reform movement, it’s to work with them.”

    10 paulie // Jun 7, 2010:
    “………. the personality conflicts really do get in the way of getting work done. It’s a shame. ”

    Post Script: it is Don Lake whom is REALLY the bad guy, and that’s a tune he has heard before!

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