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Australian Sex Party: ‘We Want You!’

Via email to supporters:

Dear Sex Party Friends,

Can you help us out on election day – August 21? We need volunteers to hand out Australian Sex Party ‘How To Vote’ cards on as many polling booths as possible.

The reason behind this is really simple:
Polling Booth + ASP Volunteer in bright ‘Vote 1 Sex’ T-shirt = MORE VOTES!

Yes it really is that basic. Our experience in the Bradfield and Higgins by-elections showed that on the polling booths where we had our awesome Sex Party Volunteers standing out the front in their yellow Sex Party t-shirts, handing out cards and giving everyone a big smile – we got SIGNIFICANTLY more votes!

So if you can donate some time on Saturday the 21st of August, please register on our volunteer database.

All volunteers get a t-shirt, a show bag and a FREE ticket to sexpo! Get your friends to volunteer too.

It’s not hard, it’s not scary and you will be doing your part to:
• Stop the mandatory internet filter,
• Legalise R & X rated computer games
• Legalise same sex marriage
• Ensure the sexual rights of people with a disability
• Allow legal, no-fault and guilt-free processes for women seeking pregnancy termination
• Develop global approaches to tackling child pornography focusing on detection and apprehension
And so much more…

If you can help go to the volunteer page on our website
Volunteer Now

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  1. Andy Andy July 29, 2010

    “Like the NYC Anti-Prohibition candidate, Kristin Davis”

    She’s anti-prohibition except when it comes to religious based buildings that with which she does not agree.

  2. Jake Witmer Jake Witmer July 29, 2010

    I like the tactics of these people, and wish them well. Like the NYC Anti-Prohibition candidate, Kristin Davis, they seem to be influenced by libertarianism in a good way. I hope they can make a difference!

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