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Bud Chiles At 14% in Race for FL Governor

Lawton “Bud” Chiles, son of the late Democratic Florida Senator and Governor Lawton Chiles, recently announced he is running in the gubernatorial election as an Independent. After his announcement, many Democratic party operatives feared that his bid would disproportionately draw away the votes of their members. However, recent polling appears to dispel this notion.

PublicPolicyPolling recently released a slew of polls in the Sunshine state, and the latest includes the Governor’s race. Tom Jensen, the Director of PPP, commented that

 Despite his double digit performance Bud Chiles isn’t having a particularly strong impact at this point because he’s not pulling disproportionately from either Democratic or Republican leaning voters. Against Scott he gets 14% of McCain voters and 11% of Obama voters, and against McCollum he gets 14% of McCain voters and 13% of Obama voters.

An earlier Ipsos poll had Chiles at 13% in the race. In other news, Chiles has made the pursuit of renewable energy a major plank of his platform.

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  1. Darcy G. Richardson Darcy G. Richardson July 22, 2010

    Moreover, it’s probably pretty safe to say that the Iranian-born Khavari, whose personal life story is far more interesting than that of Buddy Chiles, has written more books on economics than all of his opponents combined have read.

    Of course, that includes Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Democrat Alex Sink, a former president of Florida operations for Bank of America, who is absolutely cluesless when it comes to reviving Florida’s depressed economy…

  2. Darcy G. Richardson Darcy G. Richardson July 22, 2010

    Buddy Chiles, while a nice guy, is bereft of ideas when it comes to resuscitating Florida’s depression-like economy.

    Rocked with a record number of home foreclosures and saddled with more than a million people out of work for an extended period of time, Floridians are looking for solutions, not just a famous name.

    While Buddy runs on his father’s memory, University of Bremen-educated economist Farid A. Khavari is running on ideas, including the establishment of a state-owned bank to compete with the tight-fisted commercial banks that refuse to lend credit to Florida’s small and medium-sized businesses during this economic crisis.

    Unlike Chiles — or either of his likely major-party opponents — Khavari’s ideas are gaining worldwide attention as the world slips into another depression, an economic downturn that was entirely avoidable were it not for the greed of those who’ve had their way for nearly three decades.

    He’s precisely the guy Florida needs at the helm.

    Buddy Chiles’ renewable energy plank, which pales in comparison to what Khavari was saying nearly twenty years ago, means nothing to Floridians who are losing their homes and can’t afford to feed their families.

    Now more than ever, voters looking outside the two-party establishment are looking for candidates who actually have something to offer…

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