Christian Party Organizes in Louisiana, Places Independent Congressional Candidate on Ballot

Ballot Access News:

For several months, a newly-organized Christian Party has been attempting to qualify for the Louisiana ballot. It needs 1,000 registered members, and says it now has 300 registered members. It is running Anthony Marquize for U.S. House, 2nd district. This is the district centered on New Orleans. Marquize cannot have the party name on the ballot next to his name because the party is not yet ballot-qualified. Marquize is one of three independent candidates who have qualified in that race. See this story. Thanks to Randall Hayes for the link.

The last time a party with the name “Christian Party” appeared on a statewide ballot was in Washington state in 1936.

One thought on “Christian Party Organizes in Louisiana, Places Independent Congressional Candidate on Ballot

  1. Paul Baresel

    The Christian Party of 1936 was the Silver Shirts, the American branch of the Nazi Movement. They had their colorful leader William Dudley Pelley. Mr. Pelley ended up on the FBI’s most wanted list. Pelley’s running-mate, Willard Kemp, ended up falling out of view and killing himself after the ticket’s defeat to FDR.

    This Christian Party in Louisiana looks like a more Bible-based version of the Constitution Party (which is fairly Bible and Constitution based as it is). It will be interesting to see if there is any battle between the Christian and the Constitution Party of Louisiana. The Louisiana Constitution Party has very competent leadership so if their is a battle the old guard party will defeat this up and comer group.

    Additionally, I can only wonder if this is a Republican-plant third-party. It is fopunded by a group of Republicans and may well run a former Republican (the Rev. Dennis “Dan” Northcutt) for governor next year.

    Whatever this group be it is certainly not the Silver Shirts and that is a relief.

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