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Democrats Drop Challenge to Texas Green Ballot Access

The Texas Democrat Party has dropped its challenge to Green Party candidates remaining on the ballot. Instead, the Democrats will pursue their challenge to the funding of the Green petition drive in a lower court for civil penalties.

The reasoning behind this decision may be two-fold. On the one-hand, Democrats may not want to be seen publicly discouraging voter choice by knocking a party off of the ballot (although Texas Rep. Mark Strama has pointed out that he can find almost no support from either party for ballot access reform in the state house).

However, a more practical point may be that the Texas Supreme Court is an all-Republican institution. Whether correct or not, there may be a perception among those in the Texas Democratic Party pursuing the lawsuit that a decision in the state’s highest court would go against the Democrats on partisan grounds.

Last week the Texas Supreme Court overturned a previous district court decision to bar the Texas Green candidates from the ballot, pending a final decision in the case. However, the Supreme Court had still planned to consider if the petition drive conducted by the Greens was legal. The funding for much of the drive appears to have originated with groups tied to Republicans. With this decision by the Texas Democratic Party, the Greens should appear on the ballot.

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  1. Independent Green Independent Green July 9, 2010

    Virginia’s Independent Green endorsee/nominees:
    1st District, retired U.S. Air Force officer Gail for Rail Parker
    2nd retired Navy Commodore Kenny Golden
    3rd retired U.S. Air Force vet John Kelly
    4th realtor Janet Murphy
    5th businessman Jeff Clark
    6th Harvard grad, Professor Jeff Varne
    7th businessman Floyd Bayne
    8th retired Navy Captain Ron “for Rail” Fisher
    9th businessman, U.S. Army veteran Jeremiah Heaton
    10th accountant Bill Redpath (L)*
    11th realtor Dave “for Rail” Gillis

  2. Independent Green Independent Green July 9, 2010

    11 Indy Green endorsee/nominees for congress lead by doing. Thanks to the Indy Greens and their allies, who collected thousands of signatures to get on the ballot, every Virginian will have a third option for congress this year. They have a record number of congressional candidates on the ballot. Indy Green congressional candidates urge citizen action to improve participation in American democracy. Save positive policy from apathy.

    INDEPENDENCE, VA Independent Green congressional candidates Dave “for Rail” Gillis, Janet Murphy, retired Navy Captain Ron “for Rail” Fisher, retired U.S. Air Force veteran John Kelly call for Virginians to join their campaigns. Indy Green endorsees Kenny Golden, Jeff Clark, and Jeremiah Heaton believe this is the year they can be elected. They invite concerned citizens to get involved. Visit neighbors door to door. Make calls. Be a fundraiser. Write letters to the editor. Be an Independent Green precinct, or block captain.

    About 50% of all elections in the United States today, whether local, state, or federal have only the incumbent on the ballot.
    “We need More Candidates, and Less Apathy.” Says Floyd Bayne the Independent Greens 7th Congressional District Chairman, and candidate for congress.

    “Join our campaigns this year. Get on the ballot, and run yourself next year!” Retired Navy Captain Ron Fisher.

    “The Indy Greens are Virginia’s Original Tea Party. We’ve been advocating for fiscally conservative policies and balanced budgets for years. There is enormous positive energy this year.” Carey Campbell, (IG) State Chairman.

    “A Green world is possible. Where every citizen votes. Where every citizen steps forward and runs for office, and most important keeps an eye on how their tax dollars are spent. Elected politicians keep spending your money. So better you vote, and run, and keep a close eye on them.”

    “The time is now. The place to make a positive difference, and offer positive solutions is on the ballot as a candidate.” John Kelly, Independent Greens 3rd congressional district Chairman, and candidate for U.S. House of Representatives.

    Joe Oddo is Virginia’s Independent Green’s campaign coordinator adds.

    “The Indy Greens believe every citizen has the potential to be a great candidate, and government watchdog. We run for congress this year to urge other Virginians to pick up the Independent Green Tea Party pro republic, pro democracy banner, and run next year for 2011 for House of Deleagates . Join Us Today.”

    “It’s time for the bold to take action. Your support for my campaign will send the message that politics as usual will no longer be tolerated.”
    Kenny Golden

  3. Independent Green Independent Green July 9, 2010

    Independent Greens of Virginia News Release
    “More Trains, Less Traffic”
    “More Candidates, Less Apathy”
    “Fiscally Conservative, Socially Responsible”

    Independent Greens of Virginia
    11 Independent Greens endorsee/nominees
    for Action Against Apathy
    On the ballot for Congress in Virginia

    July 10, 2010

    Gail for Rail Parker, Vice State Chair, 571-490-6063
    Joe Oddo State Campaign Coordinator, 703-338-0200

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  5. Hayden Hayden July 7, 2010

    While I’m not a Green I see no reason why the Dems should seek to knock them off the ballot. Both parties at least give mouth service to competition, competition is good… unless you are competition with the duopoly. As a right wing populist I say let the Greens, and the Libs, Whigs, Constitution Party members, etc speak and put them on the ballot.

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