Former State Rep. running for AR auditor as a Green launches campaign with controversial ad

From the Arkansas News Bureau (read the AP’s version of the story here):

Less than a week after getting the Green Party of Arkansas’ nomination for state treasurer, Bobby Tullis has launched his campaign with an ad attacking incumbent Martha Shoffner for saying the governor is driven around by a “manservant.”“I just want people to know that there is a race to be had,” Tullis, a former state representative, said Thursday.

Shoffner has no Republican opposition in the November general election.

The full-page ad in the weekly Arkansas Times refers to Shoffner as “Queen Martha” for her personal use of a state vehicle.

The ad is headlined “Overthrow Queen Martha,” and depicts a cartoon version of Shoffner hitting a state police vehicle with a scepter and yelling, “Take that, manservant!”

Earlier this month, Shoffner told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that Gov. Mike Beebe is driven around by a “manservant” and is exempt from paying taxes for personal travel, so other constitutional officers should be as well.

Shoffner later apologized for calling the state trooper who drives and protects the governor a “manservant,” and she has said she will pay taxes for personal travel.

Shoffner declined comment Thursday when asked about the ad, saying she had not seen it.

“I have heard about it,” she said. “I want to run a positive campaign and talk about my office and the accomplishments I’ve made … I do have an opponent and we’ll be talking about the issues, I hope.”

Tullis, 59, of Mineral Springs in Howard County, served seven terms in the state House from 1979 to 1993 and in 1994 ran unsuccessfully for state auditor.

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  1. Good luck ----- Fly to 'Mass Ochusettes' .......... Lake

    “………. statewide candidates can qualify for matching funds if they agree to fundraising and spending limits. All we have to do is raise $125,000 before the third week in September .”

    “The two most important ways to help the campaign at the moment are 1)help wrap up the signature drive. (Next Tuesday, August 3rd, is the deadline for submitting signatures to the city and town halls); and 2) become a committed grassroots fundraiser and make sure that we reach our $125,000 goal well before the end of September. For more information on joining the signature collection effort, contact Omar Boukili at To become one of our grassroots fundraisers, and really turn this election upside down, contact Patrick Keaney at ”

    “If you haven’t heard Jill take on Tom Finneran and Todd Feinburg(WRKO’s “Tom & Todd Show”), take a listen and hear how she stands up strong even against the 2 on 1 barrage. Also check out Jill’s answer on progressive taxes from last weeks Metro!”

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