Illinois Green Party Legislative Nominee Wins Ballot Access Lawsuit

Ballot Access News:

On July 21, a Circuit Court in Cook County ruled that Kenneth Williams should remain on the November ballot as a candidate for State Representative, 29th district. Williams was nominated by the Green Party after the February 2010 primary. No one had run for the office in the Green Party primary. Illinois law lets qualified parties make nominations after the primary, by party meeting, if no one was nominated in the primary.

Williams used the new procedure by which candidates nominated in the party meeting of a qualified party must then submit a petition. His filing was accepted by the Election Board, but someone challenged. The challenge was based on procedure for the party meeting, and also on the fact that Williams had first filed to run for that seat in the Democratic primary, but then he had withdrawn from the Democratic primary. In the February 2010 primary itself, Williams chose a Green Party primary ballot. The court decision agrees with the election board that the objections, on both points, should be set aside. It is possible the challenger will now appeal to the State Appeals Court. Thanks to Phil Huckelberry for this news. The case is Hogans v County Officers Electoral Board, 10 CoEl 2, Cook County. Here is the ten- page decision.

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