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Jim Burns: ‘Obama, Pelosi, Reid: Lucifer’s disciples?’

Email from Jim Burns to supporters. Burns is seeking the Libertarian Presidential nomination in 2012.

Dear Paul,

Obama, Pelosi, Reid:

Lucifer’s disciples?

Implementers of the Apocalypse?

The triad of Politics as usual on steroids?

A Motley Crew?

Same stuff, different day?

If you think that change in the LP is needed,

and the changes we need are to water down

what we stand for and find slicker spokespeople,

good luck. Let us work together when we can, but

stay out of each others way when we cannot.

Many times there is not a dimes worth of difference

between the Democrats and the Republicans. This time,

in my opinion, the non-singing, out of tune,

Motley Crew should be stopped.

Shortly after the primary, Senator Reid the Majority

Leader from Nevada was behind in the polls by

approximately seven percent. On July 17th TV 10

reports that Vegas opinion polls show that he

now leads by seven percent.

What happened?

Direct mail.

I received six slick mailings.

If you did not know anything about politics and many

people do not, you would think that Sharron Angle is

“dangerous” and “risky” and wants pelican to live in oil,

wants more domestic violence, fewer teachers and schools,

to “devastate Nevada seniors,” and she wants Wall Street to

run amok. This change in the polls comes without Harry

spending his campaign money.

Pelosi: If forty Democrats lose, Pelosi will not be speaker

of the House. There are two House liberal Democrats in

Nevada. Two unexpected defeats would increase the

odds that Pelosi would not be speaker.

What if we can cause Reid to be defeated?

What if we can reduce the odds that Pelosi will be speaker?

Is this worth doing?

Even if it cost money and there is no guarantee?

What if some people who worked on this project

could actually receive money for their efforts?

Do you want to know more?


Jim Burns

PO Box 1139

Beatty, NV 89003


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