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Joe Kennedy to run against Barney Frank in 2012

Email from Joe Kennedy to supporters:

Well it has been a long while since the election and many of the items I predicted would happen have. I stated that ObamaCare would go through and there was nothing which could stop it; unfortunately I was right. I stated that once it went through, Mr. Brown would not author legislation to repeal it; he has not. I stated that Scott Brown was a big government Republican and would spend, spend and spend more if given the chance. Well in his very first couple of votes he voted to REPEAL the only spending cap that we had in place and you see him lining up to back the overhaul of the Financials with his Democratic buddies. We could have just stuck Kerry in a copy machine and done just as well. Chances are if you are getting this newsletter, your not all that surprised. In any case it is time to move forward and continue carrying the Small Government banner.

I have been asked by many what is my next move? Answer: Barney Frank in 2012. I do not believe that the Republican’s are running a strong enough candidate this time around so I think Barney has at least 2 more years, so I will start now working toward that goal. In the coming days and weeks I will begin re-attending tea parties and laying the groundwork for the future. Until then I recommend you take a look at the links on the left and start getting active. The truth is if you are not active in politics, you will be enslaved by the. So it’s time to get active because its going to be a heck of a November.

As always, Thank you for your support and look for more news in the very near future.


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  1. Christi Gillespie Christi Gillespie July 16, 2010

    Melty, I could not agree more! Joe, you have my support!!!

  2. Melty Melty July 15, 2010

    Joe Kennedy’s great regardless of what letter he’s got next to his name.

  3. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes July 15, 2010

    We already know he has near zero chance to win-unless he tries PLAS.

  4. Matt Cholko Matt Cholko July 14, 2010

    NF- Probably because its too late to get on the 2010 ballot.

  5. NewFederalist NewFederalist July 14, 2010

    2012? Not such a good move. A presidential election year in a state (EXC– USE me… Commonwealth) that votes Democratic almost as often as DC. Why is that better than 2010?

  6. Anonymous Anonymous July 14, 2010

    If Kennedy is going to run as a Republican, then that would be a BAD choice. I mean it’s teh GOP (Gay Old Pedophiles), Frank fits this category better.

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