Meet Rick Purcell: Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party 2010 Candidate for Lt. Governor

Posted by Nat Fortune at Green Mass Group:

(You need look no further than our candidate for Lt. Governor when it comes to walking the walk. Rick’s a populist in the very best sense of the word, and his devotion to both country and community is unquestionable. Yet another candidate on our slate of whom we can be unabashedly proud! – promoted by michael horan)

Rick Purcell is a long-term resident of Holyoke, Massachusetts, a distinguished community activist, a compassionate health care worker, and decorated US Army veteran who served 10 years of active duty.
He’s also Jill Stein’s running mate for Lt. Governor!

Rick has been a resident of Massachusetts since 1974, when he moved to Holyoke with his mother and siblings from the Tohatchi Indian Reservation in northern New Mexico. A graduate of the Holyoke and Chicopee Public Schools, Rick served 10 years of active duty in the US Army, most recently as an air evacuation medic in Operation Desert Storm. Honorably discharged, Rick returned to Holyoke in 1992 to continue his career in health care at Baystate Health System, where he currently works an an ergonomics specialist to prevent and treat repetitive stress injuries.

Since returning to Holyoke, Rick has been a true and relentless voice for his community. Time and time again, Rick Purcell has lead the fight to hold local government accountable to its citizens, calling for increased community oversight over the city charter commission, police relations, and the operation of city services. Rick chaired the citizens group opposing privatization of city waste treatment, initiated ballot campaigns to form a police commission, and in 2006, ran for City Council, garnering 33% of the vote and the endorsement of the AFL-CIO in his first bid for elected office.

A passionate veteran who has served as commander of United Veterans of Holyoke and was elected to four terms as Commander of the War Memorial American Legion Post #25, Rick is a strong supporter of Veterans for Peace, calling for us to “Honor the Dead, Heal the Wounded, and Bring Home the Troops.” As Rick noted this Memorial Day, “we owe it to our veterans to fight the battle here to end the unnecessary wars. We need to make sure that the $10 million that Massachusetts spends every day on those wars is brought back home to take care of our schools, hospitals, and veteran’s centers. And to give our veteran’s some green jobs that won’t destroy our environment…. That’s how we can really honor our veterans.”

16 thoughts on “Meet Rick Purcell: Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party 2010 Candidate for Lt. Governor

  1. To idioooooots every where ..... Lake

    [so called] Green Party Conservative
    whom is a member of the fakey dakey
    ‘Independent’ Green Party of Virginia
    // Jul 25, 2010 :

    “….. Stein is a superb Green Party candidate for Governor….the best candidate in that race without question …….”

    [a] so Stein’s opponent[s] also have major party opporatives running the game and calling the shots?

    [b] so Stein’s opponent[s] also can not tell the day of the week and or the day of the month

    [c] so Stein’s opponent[s] also mess up one event or one opportunity after another

    [d] so Stein’s opponent[s] also react rudely to attempts at comradship

    now that we know ………..

  2. Green Party Conservative

    Green Party candidate for state legislature..

    Keeping online Campaign Journal

    Green Party’s Scott Laugenour

    Jul 22: Canvassed in Pittsfield and in Lee. Good conversations with Ann-Marie, Nick, and Sandra.

    Jul 20: Issued a statement wherein I elaborated further on my position on the Wind Energy Siting Reform Act. Met with Anaelisa from Lee.

    Jul 17: Canvassed in Great Barrington and collected signature for Jill Stein’s campaign with Darlene.

  3. Hopisinom

    BTW, If Mr. Purcell professes to call himself Hopi or any other type of Native, the voters of Massachusetts should know there is no “Tohatchi Indian Reservation but that is a small community on the NAVAJO NATION over two hundred miles from HOPI.
    It is sad when these people pretend they have roots to this land just to gain votes.

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