Minor Party, Independent IL Gubernatorial Candidates Debate

Yesterday, a debate took place at Chicago State University between candidates for the Governor of Illinois. Moderating the event was Christina Tobin, President of the Free & Equal Elections Foundation (and a Libertarian candidate  for Secretary of State in California). All candidates who are on the ballot or submitted enough petitions to gain ballot access for the November election were invited to participate. Five candidates took part in the event, but noticeably absent were the Republican and Democratic Party candidates.

Sparks flew between some of the candidates, particularly Green Rich Whitney and Libertarian Lex Green.

Green said by cutting spending on health and education back to 2008 levels, “We really aren’t doing anything Draconian.”

Whitney vehemently disagreed.

“I don’t think we can possibly agree that it’s not Draconian to make further cuts in health and education,” Whitney said. “We cannot possibly continue this way: teachers getting pink slips, class sizes getting higher. This is Draconian.”

At the very least, we will likely see four people on the ballot in November. Rich Whitney, who pulled in 10% in his 2006 run for Governor, has already secured his spot on the ballot alongside the Republican and Democratic Party nominees. In addition, former Democratic Party Lt. Governor nominee Scott Lee Cohen appears to have more than enough signatures to survive any challenge to his petition. Cohen is extremely wealthy, so the lack of polling including him in the race and his ability to self-fund throws a curveball to any predictions about the outcome in November.

You can see the full debate here.

9 thoughts on “Minor Party, Independent IL Gubernatorial Candidates Debate

  1. Robert Milnes

    What should be done here is for the Green & Lib to negotiate which should withdraw & endorse the other & then campaign together-i.e. run a PLAS campaign.
    I have emailed various Libertarian and Green party members requesting immediate action. Specifically hiring me & I need Richard Winger for arranging a try to win in November. I propose using the campaign slogan “New Strategy for Victory 2010/2012”. The lowest level candidates could be very important by actually knocking on every door in their districts to explain the New Strategy. & how voters would be asked to vote-vote coordination. All part of an overall voter education program.
    It could all be perfectly set up yet fail if the voters are not educated.
    As of now I have heard very little from either party. I await further developments. Urgency is called for here.
    If you would like to see some action on this you should get involved asap.

  2. Hey, 'Not necessarily an endorsement', [Lake]

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  3. Green Party Conservative

    Allison Brophy Champion reports in Culpeper Star Exponent

    Independent Green Party conservative Floyd Bayne

    Bayne said he did not support the war in Iraq nine years ago and does not support a continued U.S. presence in the Middle Eastern country.

    As for the recent shift to fighting Afghanistan, he said he does not understand how an American presence there is helping anything either.

    “We were going to find the Taliban and get them out of there — well, that hasn’t been successful. They are starting to make resurgence. Who knows if Afghanistan is a reliable ally,” Bayne said. “They are happy with us as long as we keep sending financial aid.”

    An advocate for “a non-interventionist foreign policy,” he said America needs to stop occupying other countries.

    “We have troops stationed in over 100 countries around the world. How much do you suppose we could save in taxes if we didn’t spend all that money supporting our troops in all these nations?”


  4. Robert Milnes

    Christina, unfortunately I have to agree that all the dems & reps have to do is not attend these debates. Sure it highlights their hypocracy, but it doesn’t matter. MSM is not going to cover these debates or if they do, they will be favorable to dems & reps and unfavorable to third party & independents. What is needed is for )ONE of these candidates to become VIABLE. A very possible winner; a real contender. THEN MSM will attend & voters become interested. It is a Catch 22. PLAS offers a possible solution. Call a PLAS press conference & do polling. If the polling get around 15% or better, that would be a threshold. Whitney could do that if he would try it. But he will not so he will lose.

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