New Polling for Trevor Drown, John Gray for AR Senate

From the Arkansas New Bureau:

The poll of 793 likely Arkansas voters, conducted Saturday through automated phone calls, found that 57 percent said they would vote for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Boozman and 32 percent for Democratic incumbent Lincoln if the election were today.

Another 3 percent said they would vote for independent candidate Trevor Drown and 2 percent said they would vote for Green Party candidate John Gray, with the remaining 6 percent undecided.

With such a negative showing for the incumbent, Lincoln’s campaign then released their own numbers, showing Boozman (R) 45%, Lincoln (D) 36%, Drown (I) 6%.

However, one must note that the Green candidate, Mayor John Gray of Greenland, is not included in the poll. This could overstate Lincoln’s support by excluding a more liberal candidate from the poll. And of course, it is internal polling, so massive hunks of salt are required.

Another Republican pollster recently released their own polling, showing “other candidates” at 4.2%. Neither Drown nor Gray is mentioned by name.

In other news, Jason Tolbert has this article up giving an excellent tour of third party activities in Arkansas lately with particular notice put upon the Senate race. He writes

The Tea Party movement provides the conservative independent candidates a chance to have a voice where in the past their candidacy would largely go unnoticed. It will force Republicans to pay attention to these upset conservative voters for risk of aliening them and driving their votes to independent candidates. At the same time, Gray has the opportunity to tap into the unrest that Bill Halter tapped into from liberal voters unhappy with Sen. Lincoln.

6 thoughts on “New Polling for Trevor Drown, John Gray for AR Senate

  1. Roy Fleshman

    The most frustrating thing from an indpendent’s view is getting recognized for existing. Both major party candidates got all kinds of media attention just for paying the $10,000 or more filing fee. Meanwhile Trevor Drown and The Green Party both had to secure more than 10,000 signatures, no easy task. Reporters and pollsters are lazy and take the easy way out reguratating what the read somewhere else or what a blogger post as they set the tme for what is and who is important. I am glad they finally included Both Drown and Gray. As far as not being in Lincoln’s internal poll. An excuse or reason could be made is that he is not officially on the ballot. A situation that will be taken care of on July 25th when the Green party has their convention.

  2. Althea

    America is so focused on “Party” they forget about being Americans. Trevor Drown does not represent a “Party” he represents the “People” of Arkansas. Wake up America and wake up Arkansas. This may be your last true chance of taking your state/country back and restoring it to some resemblance of what it used to look like when we became “Americans”. God help us all! Vote Trevor Drown for U.S. Senate – November 2nd will be our “Independent” Day!!!

  3. Larry

    Not sure who was being polled, but as I go about town helping to deliver 100,000 newsletters, “the people”, whether Republican or Democrat, are getting really excited that there is a true conservative who has vowed to represent the people of Arkansas, not the huge corporations, special interest groups, and unions, who pour millions into the “party” candidates. If you haven’t checked him out, I hope you do soon.

  4. William Franks

    I’m sorry, but John Boozman is a rino. He supported Dubya Bush on just about every big spending item that fell before his eyes. Only now has he ‘seen the light.’ But not really. I wish we had a better Republican, a constitutional conservative one, and not the rino Boozman. There is no way I would vote for Lincoln. My choice is between the Green Beret and the Green party guy. I don’t see myself voting on the green party. But the Green Beret Drown looks good.

  5. Joshua

    It is extremely distressing to realize that the media (especially the conservative) is too wrapped up in the party and money that they are willing to overlook what they preach about. I want a man of woman in office who represents what this great country was founded on regardless of their party. The conservative media says everyone is created equal under the eyes of the Creator (Jesus) and everyone in America should have an equal opportunity to succeed, but when it comes to politics__FORGET God! Forget Country! Forget the Constitution! and Forget the best man or woman for the Job!! All they care about is whether they are Republican or Democrat! Arkansas and the USA needs Trevor Drown! Many say the third party will split the vote for the conservatives, but we the people can change that, and change that- WE MUST!!

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