Tom Horner To Hold Twitter Town Hall

Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner has announced plans to hold a twitter town hall this coming Wednesday at 11:00 AM. You may submit questions via Twitter if you would like to participate.

Other assorted news on the Horner campaign:

  • The Star Tribune recently pointed out that Horner plans to seek public funding. While he should qualify, he has not yet submitted the paperwork.
  • Horner participated in a gubernatorial forum in St. Paul today. As far as I know, no video feed has gone up of the event.
  • Former IP candidate Dean Barkley recently re-affirmed his support for Horner.
  • A recent Rasmussen poll of the race has Horner at between 10-11% support.

 The Minnesota Independence Party endorsed Horner at their convention, but the candidate still faces a 5-way primary, including Rob Hahn. Horner has gained a bit of attention for attracting the support of some of Minnesota’s business community, which may not be surprising given his history in Republican politics in the state.

PS: This story is a bit old, but I couldn’t resist including it. The gubernatorial candidate isn’t the only member of the Horner family who has caught the attention of the press.

For nearly two decades, Minnesota native Steve Horner has crusaded against what he considers a monumental injustice: Ladies’ night.

The complaints he filed with Human Rights Departments in several states have earned him at least $6,000 in damages for being denied ladies’ special prices at bars.

He’s also garnered public support, derision, and a lampooning on Comedy Central’s hit “The Daily Show,” where the white, balding, bespectacled Horner compared his quest to Rosa Parks’ refusal to go to the back of the bus.

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