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Vermont Progressive Party: ‘The Poison that is FOX News’

Chris Pearson at Vermont Progressive Party blog:

Fox News isn’t news at all, it’s propaganda. The ProgBlog is propaganda too. We may give you some news, but it’s pretty clear that we have an agenda (the people’s agenda). Fox News has an agenda but they pretend they’re just a run-of-the-mill news outlet. They claim to be fair & balanced. I’d settle for just fair or balanced. They’re not. They trumpet an extreme right-wing agenda telling Americans that government is bad, that anyone vaguely left of center is a socialist, that poor people just need to work harder and on it goes.

It’s not that I mind them existing. I think those of us who disagree with Fox have plenty of opportunity to discredit their data and present our own side. My problem is that the FCC allows them to package their propaganda as news. My other problem is that they are increasingly influencing our political discourse. Witness the Shirley Sherrod incident at the USDA. Or last year’s ACORN scandal. Both events came about through bogus “reporting” thanks to Fox News.

If you haven’t been following the news this week Shirley Sherrod was “caught” expressing what Fox News tagged as racists sentiments. They rolled out video evidence of Sherrod expressing hesitation about helping white farmers. In the clip she sounded blatantly discriminatory.

Up goes the video, up light the switchboards at USDA. Within a few hours Sherrod is fired.

Trouble is, the video was a sham. Someone edited it to create the impression of discrimination. Played in full it’s quite obvious Sherrod was merely expressing questions about the farmers who happen to be white. She went on to help them and they have come forward to say she was instrumental in saving their farm.

In this case Sherrod has been offered a new job at the USDA. It’s unclear whether she wants to go back. Is this how we want the media treating civil workers?

Fox News simply said, oops. Oops, are you kidding me? They offer some quick apology as though they got the name of a street wrong. The FCC owes it to us to dig down and determine where the willful malignant of a decent person took place.

This latest example follows a similar path to the ACORN debacle a few months ago. There again, Fox presented video evidence of ACORN workers seemingly helping people who admitted to running child prostitution rings with tax advice. Could there be a more despicable act?

Problem is, the full video reveals ACORN workers did no such thing. They responded appropriately and in fact informed the authorities. But the truth of creative video reporting surfaced too late. Congress had already nixed funding that ACORN used to help low-income folks get housing, tax information and more.

It would seem the right-wing deeply resents ACORN helping poor people find shelter and yes, register to vote and participate in the political process.

The American people own the airwaves and we control them through the government bureaucracy known as the FCC. For years the FCC has shunned it’s responsibility to the people instead siding with the likes of Fox owner Rupert Murdock. Let’s hope the FCC or Congress or somebody gets tough with bogus news outlets. These entities are not serving the people and do not deserve the access given to credible journalists.

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  1. Opeach Obama ..... Lake Opeach Obama ..... Lake July 23, 2010

    The unofficial, informal motto of the alternative political parties:

    ‘Don’t mess up a great story with some thing as messy as the facts!’

    Originally coined by the $&%#$@ Democans and the &@&#%$ Republicrats!

    Hey, a party that would blow a decent chance at Lt. Governor for an ‘also ran’ slip and slide at Governor ………

    At least they use the Bull Moose as their icon!

  2. d.eris d.eris July 23, 2010

    Does the FCC even have “control” over cable programming as opposed to broadcast?

  3. Dick Silvano Dick Silvano July 23, 2010

    You need to get your facts straight. The video went up on Andrew Breitbart’s website first, not on Fox. Fox did not air the story until well after Sherrod was fired. Do your research before you spew this crap.

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