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Arizona: Gubernatorial Candidates Cry ‘Foul’ on Citizen’s Clean Elections Commission

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For Immediate Release: Phoenix AZ, August 3, 2010: 3 candidates in the Arizona governor’s race charge that the CCEC does not adhere to its publically groomed image of “champion of the little guy” and “leveler of the playing field”.

In a joint complaint sent to the Citizen’s Clean Elections Committee today, Libertarian Gubernatorial candidates Barry Hess, Ron Cavanaugh and Bruce Olson leveled a number of questions at the CCEC regarding the apparent disparity between the CCEC sponsored Republican and Libertarian debates, citing a 50% difference in the length of time and a lack of pre-event promotion of the Libertarian debate by the CCEC even though both debates had the same number of candidates.

Says candidate Hess, “The CCEC is obligated, by their own rules, to provide the forum equally and fairly. By omitting the promotional effort, cutting the time of the (Libertarian) event in half and circumventing public participation in the form of questions for the participants, I believe the CCEC has demonstrated, handily, that they in no way comprehend or adhere to their own department vision to “improve the integrity of Arizona state government and promote public confidence in the Arizona political process”. Quite to the contrary they show a distinct bias”

The complaint also goes on to question the disparity in the scheduling of the events and also that questions were not solicited from the public for the Libertarian debate as they were for the Republican debate.

Candidate Hess also stated, “We are asking the CCEC what they intend to do to right this wrong. They can try and marginalize this or ignore it, but that will only demonstrate that lack of government integrity they say they are trying to improve.”

A copy of the full complaint, submitted to the Citizen’s Clean Elections Commission, is attached and is available online at:

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