California Governor’s “Green Debate” Excludes Greens

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California gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman are planning a “green debate” on October 12 – without the Green candidate for governor, Laura Wells.

“What’s a “green debate” without a Green? It’s a fraud,” said Gary Ruskin, co-founder of Green Change, a national political organization based in San Rafael, where the debate will take place.

“Reduce, reuse, recycle are the three Rs of living Green on this earth, but all Meg and Jerry want to do is reduce the debate, reuse their old formulas of protecting rich taxpayers while pushing taxes and spending cuts onto the rest of us, and recycle the same old system of empty politics,” said Laura Wells.

The debate website features the headline “Green Debate,” and claims they will “’green’ the event in every way possible.”

“You can’t have a “green debate” without a Green on stage, talking about Green ideas, like the Green New Deal,” Ruskin said.

On August 10th, eleven California Green Party candidates called for a “Green New Deal” to provide single-payer universal health care, make tuition free at public universities, create millions of new green jobs, ban usury and legalize marijuana.

Green Party candidates endorsing the Green New Deal include Laura Wells, candidate for Governor of California; Duane Roberts, candidate for U.S. Senate;
 Charles Crittenden, candidate for CA State Treasurer; and Ross Frankel, candidate for CA State Controller. For more information about the Green New Deal, see

Green Change is a national political organization based in San Rafael, California. We aim to build the Green political and cultural movement in the United States. For more information, see

4 thoughts on “California Governor’s “Green Debate” Excludes Greens

  1. Eugene E Ruyle

    Carlos Alvarez of the Peace and Freedom Party is also on the ballot for Governor of California. Peace and Freedom is the only working class, socialist, and feminist party on the California ballot. With all due respect to Laura Wells, PFP is also a “Green” party, perhaps “Greener” in the sense that we explicitly target Capitalism as the source of our environmental problems. Red & Green.

  2. C. T. Weber

    Peace and Freedom Party nominee for Governor, Carlos Alvarez and a number of his supporters picketed the debate and called for all inclusive debates. There are six ballot qualified parties in California and these debates make a mockery out of democracy. Open the debates!

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