Chris Dwyer Fills Democrats’ Void in MO’s 9th

Libertarians in the 9th District of Missouri have an interesting opportunity. Many speculate that after redistricting, this congressional district will be wiped off the map. Thus, Democrats declined to run a candidate there and left the Republican incumbent unchallenged. However, that hasn’t stopped the Libertarian Party. The Missourian reports:

Ninth District candidate and Libertarian party nominee Christopher Dwyer said people he’s talked to this election season are surprised at the lack of a Democratic challenger to incumbent Blaine Luetkemeyer.

“There are some Democrats out there who don’t realize there’s no Democrat in this race,” Dwyer said.

Dwyer is also hopeful that the lack of a Democrat in the Nov. 2 election could benefit him.

“Sure, you have Republicans who will only vote for Republicans,” Dwyer said. “But what you may also see is Democrats who will by no means vote Republican, and might take a chance on a Libertarian.”

Dwyer said he looked forward to debating Luetkemeyer and running against him in the coming months.

I haven’t seen Luetkemeyer agree to any debates yet, so we shall see what happens in that area. Dwyer recently won a contested primary in the race against fellow Libertarian Steve Wilson with 59% of the vote.

4 thoughts on “Chris Dwyer Fills Democrats’ Void in MO’s 9th

  1. '..... the serious side of free speech ' [Lake]

    Ah, my old stomping grounds of Jackson County [Misery]! Grandview City Council Member Lib party stalwart James P. Ferguson ………. wait, wait

    [a] he is now GOP [Hello Steve Gordon!]

    [b] he strains and sweats for re – election, changes parties and then moves miles away to Columbia [Missouri] near the start of the current (and final) term!

    [c] if Libs get tired of being labeled GOP lite, then why don’t they light into fakers like Alabama’s Steve [TPW] Gordon and Boone County’s [Mo] Jim Ferguson?

    [d] ethics, ethics, ethics —– Bob Barr for Prez 2012 *sarcasm*

    [e] houses built on sand ——– any one see the $$$$$$ from Liberty Mix / Hammer of Truth? You know, concerning the snide comments Don Lake has been making for weeks.

    [f] Don’t worry ’bout Lake, he don’t know nothing ——– but was right on the money with the on going dissatisfaction with the national Constitution Party and Pastor Chuck Baldwin, wasn’t he?!

    [g] ………. how can some one that dumb, be that smart? ‘Tis a puzzlement!

  2. '..... the serious side of free speech ' [Lake]

    any way the original rationale for my anti Jim Ferguson post / thread / string. Jimmy, having abandoned both his Lib party mates and his Grand view [Forbes 2009, one of the worst small towns ………] constituents, my end up on REPUBLICAN Blaine Luetkemeyer’s election staff ——- and his one and only opponent will be a Libertarian.

    ethics, ethics, ethics!

    Libertarians, some of the biggest fakers around! Come on folks! For the Loyal Opposition to make any kind of head way we need to be better than the Establishment Duopoly, not just as bad!

  3. Steven wilson

    The contested primary did what it was suppose to, which was to get the state party a look from people who normally wouldn’t have. I had people mention that they would take a chance.

    The final score I believe was 291 to 229. That was double the number of people grabbing a libertarian ballot in 2008 primary, but I don’t think it was contested.

    Chris will do well. People will look at what a libertarian would do in these circumstances.

    And for Congressman Luetkemeyer, I offer my sympathies in his time of grief. I am sorry for the loss. I will pray for his family.

  4. '..... the serious side of auto motive traffic ' [Lake]

    “Amy Luetkemeyer married the congressman’s son, Trevor, in October 2009 ……..

    The highway patrol says her car crossed the center line, sideswiped an oncoming vehicle and then went off the road …………

    The vehicle then over corrected and hit another one. The patrol says Amy was wearing a seat belt ………..”

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