Constitution Party Candidate Robert Owens Endorsed by Family First PAC

From the Constitution Party website:

(Delaware, OH)—Robert M. Owens, candidate for the office of Attorney General of Ohio, has been awarded the endorsement of the Family First Political Action Committee (Family First PAC) for the general election in November 2010.  This major statewide endorsement was based on Owens’ principled positions on family policy issues. “Robert Owens has proven to Family First PAC that he will stand on principle and will unequivocally defend those who are defenseless through the office of Attorney General” stated Joseph Platt, Esq.,  board member of Family First PAC.  “He has demonstrated that he is consistently pro-family and takes a leadership role in advancing the cause of life, and has well-earned our endorsement.  We are proud to endorse Robert Owens, the only fiscal, social and Constitutional conservative, for Ohio Attorney General.”

“I am deeply humbled and grateful to Family First PAC for their confidence in my ability to serve Ohio citizens in the office of Attorney General,” said candidate Owens.  “The state’s chief legal counsel should be someone who holds to the equal application of the law to all Ohioans, no matter what their position or condition.”

Owens concluded: “My candidacy focuses on integrity and character, qualities I believe Ohio voters want and deserve, and which I believe I will best be able to deliver as Ohio’s next Attorney General.”

Family First PAC is a statewide political action committee dedicated to supporting and electing conservative candidates throughout Ohio.  More information on Family First PAC is available at

Owens, Ohio Constitution Party candidate for Attorney General, ran in the 2008 special election for the office, receiving 246,000 votes, the highest vote total for a non-major-party candidate for statewide office in Ohio’s history.  His campaign information can be accessed at

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  1. Anthony Mascari

    I ‘wd like to know where you stand on: 2nd ammendment rights ; Abortion; Family values; and Gay rights Thank you Tony

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