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Kissimmee, Florida City Commissioner Changes Registration from Republican to Tea Party

A press release from the Florida Tea Party, sent to IPR and TPID via email:

Kissimmee City Commissioner Carlos Irizarry joined the Tea Party today when he changed his registration from Republican to TEA at the Osceola County Supervisor of Elections office. Tea Party Executive Director John Hallman and other tea party supporters were present to witness the change in party registration.

The Tea Party is running 22 candidates for public office, including Jose Alvarez (TEA – Kissimmee) for the Florida House, District 79 against “Tax Hike Mike” Horner, an incumbent who is one of the prime sponors for the Obama-stimulus rail boondoggle.

Irizarry will be up for re-election on the Tuesday ballot in the City of Kissimmee. Irizarry faces five (5) opponents. If a majority is not reached, there will be a run-off between the top two vote-getters.

Commissioner Irizarry has a record of opposing tax increases and is also opposed to the proposed school board tax increase on the November ballot.


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  1. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 23, 2010

    I do not care what the reactionaries do. Either vote them out via PLAS or let them do whatever they want. They have the power, not us.
    In the meantime I am making a little bit of progress with my solar panels.
    Yesterday it rained so I had to bring the batts & inverter inside. The day before I plugged in 2 fluorescent lights. ok. Then I plugged in a jigsaw. It worked. But then I tried to use a circular saw to cut an oak branch. It went on then off then on then off. So I quit before I burned out something.
    Today I plugged in the 2 fluorescent lights inside. 12.5 volts slowly went down to 12.2. So I shut off 1 then disconnected one bulb from the kitchen ceiling light. VICTORY! Holding steady at 12.2. When I add the next solar panel it should start raising the voltage. The first thing I used the solar for & disconnected a Public Service!
    Now it is a matter of connecting more panels & batteries & using the inverter & disconnecting from Public Service.
    If you want to help me with solar or my camaign, donate via paypal:

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