John Jay Myers: ‘Stop spending money’

By John Jay Myers at Liberty for All:

It seems like this country has been divided in two, not because Americans are really easily divided into two groups, but because we don’t take the time to realize that we are being divided, and that because of laws put in place by a two party monopoly, we don’t believe we have any other choice.

I think from now on I have to start every speech with one line. We are broke. This country is broke not just in the way our government is run, but seriously financially out of money. When we engage in these big money programs, the money has to come from somewhere. Unfortunately, it is no longer coming from our tax dollars, if it were, this is what you would call a balanced budget. That wouldn’t by the way make the spending okay, balancing the budget is not the end all to our problems.

So where does the money come from? We have to borrow the money, or print the money down at America’s Credit Card the Federal Reserve bank. When people try to justify to poor people that since they don’t pay taxes these programs are a win/win for them, they are not, because they pay the darkest tax of all. When money is printed or borrowed to pay for these programs the value of the money in your pocket loses its value. Most people think a 50% raise in taxes would be out right extortion, but 2 years ago I went to Cici’s Pizza and spent $5 for a buffet and a soda pop, today I go to Cici’s Pizza and it is $7.50 for a buffet and a soda pop. Most poor people have not gotten a raise in the last two years, but they have had a 50% increase in the price of things they commonly buy. This is the worst tax of all and it’s called inflation, it is created by government spending more money than they take in.

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13 thoughts on “John Jay Myers: ‘Stop spending money’

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m totally freaked by the new taxes we’ll have to pay, or specifically, the tax cuts going away. If people are having trouble paying bills now, how will we be able to next year? I believe our economy hasn’t come near to bottoming out yet.

  2. paulie Post author

    That’s the reason we “need” distractions like the “ground zero Mosque.”

    The economic reality is too grim to face.

  3. Deran

    I seriously don’t see how the US can keep from a decade of bad economics with out spending. But, not just the Fed giving the multinationals more money; Big Business is sitting on trillions they just don’t want to spend, and the government is all about letting Wall Street and the multinationals do as they will.

    Instead of giving them more money, I would suggest we take a great deal of their money. By dropping mortgages to real values and let the banks suffer.

    All the Democrats seems to want to do is give Big Business more money in the hopes they will spend it, and not just horad it as they are.

    And once the Republicans gain Congressional power in Jan, they will further wreck the economy by trying to give away more moeny to Big Business by extending the Bush tax cuts. Which may provide a modicum of help to the middle and lower calsses, but are specifically designed to be of the greatest benefit to Big Business.

    We’re screwed.

    Out west, on the coast, talk of secession is starting up again. Especially in the Northwest/Cascadia.

  4. Bill Wood

    Hmmm, I tend to think of the “Scorpion and the Frog” fable with the republicans and democrat officials being the scorpion and we the taxpayers being the frog. “Taxing us and overspending will kill us both…that is what we do Its our nature.”

  5. Richard Vanier

    Great Article. You are future of the Libertarian Party.

    The most important issue facing our nation is the size of government and what it is going to cost us. Remember the late 70’s and early 80’s, the days of double digit unemployment, inflation and interest rates. That will be our reality unless some cut the size and spending of government.

  6. Steven R Linnabary

    The problem is that it won’t be the government that gets the blame for the coming inflation.

    In the past it has always been either “greedy businessmen” or consumers themselves that get the blame (consumers because government economists will claim it is too many dollars chasing too few goods that causes inflation).

    I’m old enough to remember 5¢ candy bars and 5¢ packs of gum. And it is always hard to steer a debate toward the real cause(s) of inflation.

    John is correct in his assertion that the poorest, the least well off, get hit the hardest with the hidden tax of inflation. Libertarians need to get that message to those that are hit the hardest.


  7. Catholic Trotskyist

    Tax the rich, feed the poor. That’s the slogan of Catholic Trotskyism.

    But, while not agreeing with him on everything, the Catholic Trotskyist Party of America endorses John Myers’s congressional campaign. He deserves a voice.

  8. Steven wilson

    The Norte Americano peso. Our money should picture on the front the three stoogies. Alan Crankspan, Nancy pollution, and Timmy guttner.


  9. paulie Post author

    John is correct in his assertion that the poorest, the least well off, get hit the hardest with the hidden tax of inflation. Libertarians need to get that message to those that are hit the hardest.

    Very true.

  10. Michael Landry

    While I fundamentally agree with your article as it relates to out of control Federal Spending and the deterioration of the dollar….I must point out that you can still go to most CiCi’s Pizza’s around the country for $5 and change.

  11. John Jay Myers

    I wrote this about 6 months ago or more… I don’t know why it resurfaced, I wouldn’t mind rewriting it, it was basically an outline for a speech.

    BUT, yes Cicis now has a $5 special.
    But mine was in regards to the fact that Cici’s used to be a $2.99 buffet with a soda.
    I think as recently as a few years ago $3.99.

    Now if you get a soda and buffet at Cicis (when they are not running a special it is/was $7.50)

    But it works for anything, I spend $8-$10 at Burger King, just on my own meal.

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