Libertarian Alex Snitker: Bay News 9 Manipulates Poll Data

SEMINOLE, FLORIDA – A curious thing happened to an online poll for Florida’s U.S. Senate race on the Bay News 9 website Thursday, which has sparked the ire of a vocal group of voters. The poll originally included candidates Marco Rubio (R), Kendrick Meek (D), Charlie Crist (NPA), Alexander Snitker (L), and a choice for “other.”

But some time around mid day yesterday, Bay News 9 made a change to the poll. They removed Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Alexander Snitker’s name from the poll and replaced it with a second “other” selection. By mid afternoon, Snitker supporters were flooding the station with calls to ask why the poll was altered.

What is most interesting about Bay News 9’s decision to modify the in-progress poll is that Snitker was in third place with 14% of the vote at the time of the switch, beating Democrat challenger Kendrick Meek by four points. At last check, the poll results showed the first “other” (formerly Alex Snitker) at 15%, while the second “other” was at 3%.

Snitker’s campaign manager Kelley Lobean was not surprised by the poll manipulation. “The media has systematically tried to erase Alex from this race,” said Lobean. “But glaring examples like this just energize Alex, as well as our campaign staff and supporters.”
Campaign media director Adrian Wyllie also feels that this pattern may be intentional. “Every once in a while, the media throws us a bone,” said Wyllie. “But when they see the overwhelming positive support that Alex gets, their attitude always changes from amused condescension to panic. All of a sudden, they stop seeing a ‘cute little third-party candidate’ and see a viable contender, which for some reason frightens them.”

When contacted by phone, the Bay News 9 assignment desk had no comment about the change to the poll. Calls to the news director and internet director for comment were not returned.

Snitker is first Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida history, and his platform focuses on a Constitutionally-limited federal government and individual liberties and states’ rights.

For high resolution screen captures of the change made to this online poll, visit:

9 thoughts on “Libertarian Alex Snitker: Bay News 9 Manipulates Poll Data

  1. paulie Post author

    from Debbie Spillman:

    Local news station removes Libertarian’s name from poll because he was beating Democrat!
    Here is a link to photos of the site both before and after the change:

    We have a 4 way race for the US Senate seat in Florida with Charlie Crist running as an Independent and Alex Snitker on the ballot as a Libertarian. The local news station had a poll up on their website and Snitker was polling 15%, ahead of the Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek at 10%. The news station took Snitker’s name off the poll and changed it “other”. So now the poll lists 2 “others”. Funny part is, he is still beating the Democrat. You can view the poll here: [link to]

    The first “other” in the poll belongs to Libertarian Alex Snitker if you would like to vote. This guy is making news!

    Rubio (R) 32%
    Meek (D) 9%
    Crist (I) 32%
    Other 24%
    Other 2%

    [link to]

    Here is the news station’s response to inquiry regarding Alex Snitker’s sudden exclusion from the poll:

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding our coverage of Alexander Snitker’s candidacy for the US Senate. While we have featured him in past stories, our review of his candidacy indicates he does not meet our threshold to be considered a major candidate in the race. We therefore do not mandate his inclusion in all coverage of that contest. We have invited Mr. Snitker to submit documentation to corroborate various aspects of his campaign with respect our “major candidate threshold”. To date we have not received any such documentation. When we do, we will again review his status.

    Perhaps we should ask if they are going to remove Democrat Kendrick Meek from the poll as well since he is running behind Alex Snitker.

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    News Desk
    (use these numbers to contact and Bay News 9 en español)
    Fax: 727-329-2434

    Neighborhood News
    Fax: 727-329-2278

    Bright House Sports Network
    Fax: 727-329-2331

  2. Joe

    The thing they left out was how many votes? That is the key and that information is published. They just left it off.

  3. George Whitfield

    I just donated to Alex Snitker’s campaign and vote for him in every poll I can. Of course I will be voting for him in November in the US Senate election in Florida.

  4. Pat

    What really hapened is that local Libertarians who’d been harassed by his goons blitzed the station with complaints about this GOP fraud candidate. LP Florida has been taken over by the GOP at the last conventions and the buzz is they are purging the party with co-operation from national. Now some people are going after these creeps from their own campaigns, it seems:

  5. Phil T

    People are waking up! Many polls show Alex right in there!
    Above Meek almost always. (when Snitker is on the poll , not shown as “other”.)
    So why is Alex being excluded from Debates but Meek isnt?

    One reason, if every knew about Alex and what he stood for, the race would be over. Alex would win.

    Issues Alex supports and no comment from the bait and switch career politicians:

    Come on people. Think, research, and stop voting based on who they tell you can win or for party.

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