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After an absence of nearly four years, Hammer of Truth is back. Back in 2005-6, HoT was probably the most visited meeting place for Libertarian Party and movement leaders and activists online. One of the busiest participants was Steve Gordon, who served at various times as Libertarian Party of Alabama chair, Libertarian State Leadership Alliance chair, LP national Communications and Political Director, e-campaign director for Bob Barr, and owner of Third Party Watch during its heyday.

In late 2006, HoT went offline, with the promise that it would soon be reincarnated as the bigger and better LibertyMix. More about that here.

Today, HoT founder Stephen Van Dyke says the (Libertarian) Party is dead to him, while Steve Gordon (as far as I know, not involved with the current HoT) has withdrawn from Libertarian Party activities and was most recently seen working for Republican candidate Tim James, who is best known for this ad:

17 thoughts on “Libertarian Community blog Hammer of Truth is back online

  1. Robert Milnes

    Interesting. Just when I’m trying to get support from parties-LP,BTP,GP, here come some sort of nililistic rebirth of HoT. Note its anti-party take.
    Of course No Cigar 4 Gordon is NOT involved in this because there is money to be made in rightist libertarian(Paul, Barr) or better yet republican politics. & Gordon like his cigars & liquor & limos & Surf & Turf.

  2. Eric Sundwall

    wow . . .

    so the faithful are out collecting sigs, negotiating the pratfalls of the Tea parties, Ron Paul waves and other unnamed electoral and philosophic horrors . . . and ‘ol SVD fires up his wordpress blog to sop up the gravy of the pluralistic liberty mush and we should all pee our pants in excitement ?

    then he biotch slaps us after a four year hiatus ?


  3. '..... the serious side of free speech ' [Lake]

    Hammer of Truth II and Lib Mix:

    “………. time to pay the piper and release the new eagerly awaited site, well… you should have seen their faces ………. ”

    “there’s no jokes to be made about people who trusted me and those who vouched for me (I won’t drag them through this eulogy to be immortalized yet again by Google’s databases).

    Suffice to say, shit went wrong, it was my fault entirely and I’ll probably feel bad about it still for a very long time……………..”

    ethics, ethics, ethics

    another house built on sand ………..

    told ya so, told ya so!

    [about that IPR on line fund raiser ………..]

    [Let’s keep on telling Lake to shut the fuck up!]

  4. '..... the serious side of free speech ' [Lake]

    Notice that Don Lake started talking about HoT II WEEKS before any one else, including, STD, er VD, um BVD, ah SVD was propagating.

    Ya know, for some one whom does not know what he is talking about, Don Lake sure does seem to know what he is talking about!

    2001, California Democratic Governor Gray Davis ………

    2006, Steve Kubby (photo, unresponsiveness, and [later] 2008 behavior) ……..

    2008, imploding Constitution Party/ weaknesses of Pastor Chuck Baldwin ………

    2009, duplicity of Nightmare Nightingale (my wording) ………

  5. Stephen VanDyke

    Who the fuck is Don Lake, seriously I have never heard of him and Google says he’s an actor. Was an actor talking about HoT because what in the hell?

    Eric, where do I bitch slap anyone? I just said what everyone can see with their own eyes, that political parties aren’t what accomplish things, movements do. Parties just align themselves with movements when they see a net gain to themselves. The LP used to be on the side of decriminalization, but it’s the legalization movement that has pulled them into the direction of real liberty. That’s just one example of many as I’m sure you’re aware.

  6. Stephen VanDyke

    Sorry, I’m not trying to put Don Lake down or anything, I honestly have never heard of him and am I wrong to guess it’s the guy above who commented in the disjointed manner and links to the CALVETS Investigation Committee? I am seriously confused what that site has to do with anything. Just overall confusion.

  7. Roberta

    Your video dimensions run into your sidebar and it looks stupid. Just thought I’d offer my two cents. Who’s Don Lake? And who are you, for that matter?

  8. Andy

    I sure am glad that I didn’t donate any money to LibertyMix (Hammer of Truth or whatever). Promising a kick ass site and then blowing people’s hard earned donations on personal stuff and not delivering a site and then disappearing for 4 years and then reappearing with some shitty looking WordPress site with an “I fucked up.” story is bullshit.

    It is NOT libertarian to accept money from people based on a promise and then not deliver and to use the money for something else. This was initiation of fraud.

    There’s nothing wrong with making a profit, however, there is something wrong with not keeping one’s word and defrauding people out of money.

    How about sending refunds (with interest) to everyone who contributed to the $10,000 (or whatever the exact amount was) that was raised?

  9. Stephen VanDyke

    Andy… andy andy andy…

    I would give back every dime if I could. You must think I’m some high-falutin bigwig just sitting on stacks of cash from some vast criminal enterprise. Seriously dude, I am just some dude who fucked up and is trying to make it right.

  10. Danny S

    @7, don’t worry about certain serial commenters at IPR. Don Lake comes in all the time with some very vaguely linked material. I think it gives the place a bit of its own local flavor.

  11. Robert Milnes

    I started commenting etc. on TPW right around when HoT was supposed to come back. So I’m not all that familiar with the particulars. But from the little I know & now SVD & HoT are back, his explaination sounds about right. He seems contrite & willing but unable to pay back. I know $ can go fast. Been there done that. Business partner got sick. Father got sick. Unanticipated difficulties, delays, outrageous lawyers fees skimmed off the top, etc. & really 10k is not all that much when divided among several persons who probably could afford it. & ask how many of them lavished contributions on dinosaur fossil Ron Paul for just about nothing. paulie seems ok with this new Hot & he’s right about IPR being about all third parties & independents, not just libs. So I guess I’ll play it by ear.
    Good luck, SVD.

  12. Tom Blanton

    Ahhh, the Hammer of Truth returns.

    This is a wonderful place for charlatans, shysters, ego maniacs, reformers, faux libertarians, dreamers, punks with poor judgment, and those compelled to fawn over those hubris-filled approval seekers.

    Glancing over the new incarnation of HoT, it seems little has really changed. Maybe if HoT charged a membership fee for access, enough cash could be raised to pay Stepen Gordon to return so that the younger opportunists can have an older and more experienced political hack to fawn over and emulate.

    This could be the biggest thing to hit the freedom movement since Wayne Root became a “great libertarian thinker”. At least HoT already has a promotional link to Dondero’s “libertarian republican” propaganda dump to satisfy the imperialist faction of the freedom movement.

    It just goes to show that you can put a shit sandwich in the fridge for 4 years, but it will still taste like a shit sandwich when you take it out. But, I see on one post there where Van Dyke is already promising a new and improved shit sandwich. I’m guessing the new shit sandwich will be served on fine china instead of a paper plate.

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