Libertarian John Jay Myers (TX-32): League of Women Voters Answers

LWV questions

Myers responses:

1. Please describe the training and experience that qualify you for this office. (50 words)

I have read and understood the Constitution of the United States. I understand that our country is going bankrupt, and that we can no longer continue to spend money on policing the world or running a corporate welfare state.

2. What do you believe to be the biggest obstacle to job growth and how do you propose to overcome it? (75 words)

The Federal government’s control of our economy is the biggest obstacle to job growth. We must discontinue all stimulus and bailout spending, eliminate the price controls over wages and interest rates, cease massive government handouts to the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries, and phase out welfare and entitlement programs. Government intervention in the economy creates the very booms and busts that cause unemployment and harm Americans. It’s time to stop.

3. There is general agreement that America’s immigration system is broken, but no agreement on how to fix it. What reforms, if any, would you support? (75 words)

I absolutely support a secure border, but that will never happen as long as government tries to restrict the movement of peaceful people across the border. Preventing legal immigration, our entitlement system, and the drug war are just a few of the problems government creates. If we start addressing these causes and not the symptoms, then securing the border would be not be a problem. Immigration is a diversion from the topic of rampant corruption.

4. Substantially reducing the federal budget deficit will require difficult choices such as reducing direct payments to farmers and consolidating and capping tax breaks for housing, health, education and savings. What choices are you prepared to make to substantially reduce the deficit? (75 words)

It is simple. Stop policing the world. It is bankrupting us and inspiring the very extremism that threatens our nation. Bringing the troops home, now, from everywhere will reduce the deficit and increase security. Then, end entitlement spending and corporate bailouts. Also, government should not control farming, housing, health, or education. Tax cuts create the illusion of small government, but eliminating these functions entirely would create the reality.

John Jay Myers


5 thoughts on “Libertarian John Jay Myers (TX-32): League of Women Voters Answers

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    AND THE LORD SAID UNTO ME, HEAR O ISRAEL, THE LORD OF HOSTS HATH SPOKEN UNTO ME, EVEN DURING THIS ORDINARY TIME OF THE LITURGICAL YEAR, SAYING, GLORY GLORY UNTO BARACK H. OBAMA, OUR COMMANDING GENERAL, WHO TRIUMPHED IN HIS GLORIOUS SPEECH before the world on his successful end of the IRAQ WAR, YEA, THIS IS A BULWARK OF CATHOLIC TROTSKYISM, A SIGN THAT NO MATTER HOW THE RALPH NADER-FUNDED FASCIST-STALINIST Tea Parties contnue to subvert the Catholic Trotskyist New World Order, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI is still with Barack H. Obama, and the congressional campaign of John Myers, amen.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    Morpheus, Could you summarize your basic philosophy here? Your website with that horrible distracting song doesn’t tell me in the first 5 seconds, so why should all of us busy people investigate more?

  3. Matt Cholko

    CT – I spent 20 minutes at Morpheus’ website and I can’t figure out what his philosophy is either. There is lots of talk about changing our system of government, but I can’t find anything that says what the new system should be.

    As near as I can tell, its just a bunch of BS.

  4. AroundtheblockAFT

    Kudos to Mr. Myers for answering the questionnaire. Some Libertarian candidates can’t be bothered. Question #1 should have included some career info that would indicate to the voters that you have the experience and ability to translate your “understanding” into
    successful action. Voters will be more impressed if you’ve built a business, led a civic group, managed a department, acquired a hard science degree, etc.

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