Minnesota Independence Party Gubernatorial Candidate at 13% in Poll

Ballot Access News:

On August 31, the MPR News-Humphrey Institute released a poll for the Minnesota gubernatorial race. It shows: Republican Tom Emmer 34%; Democratic-Farmer-Labor Mark Dayton 34%, Independence Party Tom Horner 13%, undecided or other 19%. See this story.

Horner, the Independence Party nominee, is already higher in this poll than Jesse Ventura was in similar polls at this point in the 1998 election cycle. Ventura was at 10% in polls in mid-September 1998, but he won with 37%. At that time the name of the Independence Party of Minnesota was the Reform Party.

Minnesota has a very active group working for Instant-Runoff Voting.

6 thoughts on “Minnesota Independence Party Gubernatorial Candidate at 13% in Poll

  1. MN Indy

    Horner or Emmer would be acceptable, despite their flaws. Just keep silver spooned, tax happy, failed Senator Dayton OUT.

    You guys should also note that Ken Pentel, former three time gubernatorial candidate from the Greens, is running again under an Ecology-Democracy Party ticket. He’s running against Farheen Hakeem with the Green Party. Anyone with an interest in MN’s small, but established non-DFL left will be interested to see how this plays out.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    I think the opposite of MNIndi. Horner or Dayton would be acceptable, just pick conservative anti-entitlement pig Tom Emmer out. Problem with the MNIP is that since their moderate, it’s hard to know who they will steal more votes from in each particular election.
    Hopefully Pentle and Kavlan et al will just keep attacking the Green Party, like the stupid Naderite losers they are.

  3. NewFederalist

    Catholic Trotskyist- Your commentaries have turned so serious. Are you feeling well? Where is the old fire and brimstone praise be to the great one Obama and so forth? Your fans really miss that.

  4. Catholic Trotskyist

    Sorry NewFederalist. I guess I’m being influenced too much by Robert Milnes and the Dons.

  5. Green Party Conservative

    This is excellent news & thanks for this report.

    Wonder if Michael Bloomberg will be endorsing the Independence Party candidate for Gov.

    Mayor Bloomberg did a fundraiser for the Independence Party of Minn last year…

    Here’s Indy Greens of Virginia Press Conference on youtube from Richmond, Virginia

    Gail for Rail Parker

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