PA Libertarians Turn In Petitions for Guv, US Senate

From the Associated Press via Centre Daily Times:

Libertarian Party candidates are submitting nominating petitions to run for Pennsylvania governor and for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Arlen Specter.

A Department of State spokeswoman said Monday that Libertarian Douglas Jamison submitted enough signatures to make the ballot for Senate, while fellow party member Marakay Rogers has enough signatures to quality for the governor’s race.

They’ll be on the ballot unless there’s a successful legal challenge to their petitions.

Third-party candidates have until the close of business Monday to submit their nominating petitions to qualify for the Nov. 2 election.

Republican and Democratic candidates for those seats were selected in last month’s primary.

 Ballot Access News also reports that “The Libertarians believe their validity rate is high, because so many of the signatures were collected either at the polls on primary election day May 18, or collected door-to-door.”

The Green Party also turned in signatures for its statewide candidates today. BAN reports that the LP turned in about 24,000 petitions, and the GP about 19,400. The number required is a little over 19,000.

Neither article mentions petitioning for other races. We recently reported on the petitioning progress for some PA Libertarian state house races here. The state party’s website is here.

7 thoughts on “PA Libertarians Turn In Petitions for Guv, US Senate

  1. Good luck ----- on the current corrupt system .... Lake

    Best wishes on fighting the evil &@$#&% Democans and $&@%# Republicrats. As far as I know, and as much as I know, politically and ethically Penn’s Wood is about as ‘fair and balanced’ as Kansas and Missouri and Southern Illinios —- with a few more Amish and Minenites (whom don’t vote any way) thrown in.

    If you want to spend years and years hardly hearing ’bout other than the Dems and GOP just spend time in Wichita, Kansas City, Saint Louis (County or City), or Springfield!

  2. Good luck ----- on the current corrupt system .... Lake

    And a similar event in Boston on Wednesday the 4th at 11:00 AM*

    Please [join greenie Jill Stein MD at] the State House this Wednesday morning to join me for an important campaign announcement.

    As many of you know, our volunteers have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours collecting signatures across the commonwealth this summer in order to qualify the Green-Rainbow Party’s statewide candidates for the November ballot.

    ………. we will be announcing the results of our efforts. It would be great to have you there.

    We are choosing the State House for the backdrop of this event for a good reason.

    Only a party that is independent of the lobbyist money that drives Beacon Hill can stand up for the interests of voters at this critical time.

    Lake: follow me folks, I am right behind you ………

    Stein, Nightmare Nightingale [aka Chelene Ward Nightingale], Palin, Maine’s Patricia ‘Don’t Vote For Me’ LaMarshe!

    What a way to *sarcasm* celebrate ninty years of female enfranchisement.

    I know we men have our weaknesses, like every president since Harry ‘Da Bomb’ Truman, but what a sorry four some of losers!

  3. Green Party Conservative

    Thanks for including Green Party update here…

    I came surfing in to urge you to provide the Green Party news… You’d already put the Green Party news in report..

    Well done, and thanks..

  4. Mik Robertson

    The requirement was 19,082 and the Greens cleared it for their Senate candidate by 47 signatures.

    The number I have for the LP after the questionable signatures were scrubbed is 24, 142. Marakay’s running mate for Lt. Gov. is Kat Valleley.

    It seems the Constitution Party and the Tea Party merged, dropped their Senate Candidate, and got John Crupa on the ballot for Governor with no Lt. Governor candidate. I don’t know how many signatures they turned in, but it appears to have met the threshold.

    The LPPA also has a congressional candidate, two state senate candidates, and eight state representative candidates who obtained ballot access.

  5. AroundtheblockAFT

    Please take a metaphorical two by four to the heads of your candidates and have them fill in the League of Women Voters questionnaire this time. The candidates need to show they appreciated the petitioning effort and not have another “failed to respond” message shown when the League’s questionnaire is printed in the newspapers.

  6. charles

    Aside from Mel Packer, the only pro-single-payer healthcare, anti-war candidate in the US senate race, the Green Party also qualified Ed Bortz for US Congress, 14th district (Allegheny), and 5 candidates for State Rep. (53, 111, 145, 183, 194).

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