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Rich Whitney at 11% in IL Gubernatorial Race

From PublicPolicyPolling’s blog:

Despite being largely unknown and not particularly well liked Bill Brady leads with 39% to 30% for Quinn and 11% for Green Party candidate Rich Whitney, continuing his path toward becoming one of the most unlikely big state Governors in recent history.

Brady is winning 80% of Republicans while only 60% of Democrats are committed to Quinn. Perhaps most remarkable is the numbers among independents- Brady leads with 40% with Whitney second at 19% and Quinn finishing all the way back in third at 15%.

Full results are here. In their last poll of the race, Whitney was at 9% support. Nevertheless, there are some problems with the poll. For starters, it has become clear that Scott Lee Cohen, the former Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor who dropped out of that race amidst scandal, is a lock to appear on the ballot with Whitney. Cohen has significant personal resources and may split a base with Whitney, eroding the Green candidate’s support.

Furthermore, two perceived “right-wing” candidates may yet appear on the ballot. Libertarian Lex Green’s petitions seems to have survived their challenges, and hearings continue for the Constitution Party petitions for Michael White. Whitney’s support may also be drawn from “protest voters”, who dislike both Quinn and Brady. Since PPP only included one minor party or indy candidate in the poll, such protest votes would go to Whitney. However, some conservative voters may pick to vote for a perceived “conservative” candidate as a protest vote on election day, diminishing Whitney’s support.

It must be noted this is not necessarily the case. Whitney has been actively campaigning and opening campaign offices. His name recognition will be higher than other minor party politicos (save perhaps Cohen) from his 2006 campaign for Governor. However, it seems foolish for PPP to leave such questions up in the air without a clear answer.

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  1. Deran Deran August 19, 2010

    Whitney at 11% is great.

    Milnes is indeed a Grand Troll, and I don’t mean that in a respectful way.

  2. Scott West Scott West August 19, 2010

    You are truly the world’s greatest internet troll. I mean that in the most respectful way possible.

  3. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 18, 2010

    First, a PLAS campign needs good baseline polling. This has been done in Whitney’s case. Next he should call a press conference and announce the change in Strategy. The do further polling to see if that press conference caused a spike. Then further actions should be taken to further increase the polling.

  4. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 18, 2010

    Deval Patrick is the Governor of Massachusetts because of the black man liberal democrat getting the progressive vote strategy.
    The progressive vote gets added to the liberal democrat vote making the liberal democrat win.
    In Whitney’s case, the progressive vote by itself is not enough to win. He needs another @10%. The only available @10% is The Libertarian Vote.

  5. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 18, 2010

    Yes, it would be great to have Rich as Governor. But because he is a trifler, it will not happen.
    He doesn’t understand what he is dealing with. Elections deal with very powerful forces.
    Obama’s handlers-rich & powerful & experienced Massachusetts liberals knew what they were dealing with. The progressive vote is very powerful. But the Progressive Party is fatally split. Therefore the PP will lose. But the progressive vote is still there & enough for a black man liberal democrat to win the nomination. & that is what they went for.
    The progressive vote SHOULD go to the Green but it does not because the democrat will probably win & the voters know that. Whitney would have to change that dynamic & he cannot.
    A good PLAS campaign could. I volunteer to help Rich Whitney with a PLAS campaign.

  6. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 18, 2010

    No, I am not paid to post. I post what I think is best. I think it is best to call it like it is. A losing strategy is going to lose. The duopoly is VERY strong & entrenched & Whitney et al are trifling.

  7. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative August 18, 2010

    Many conservatives have voted for the Green Party and voted for Whitney in the past.

    Conservatives will vote for the Green Party’s Whitney again this time.

  8. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative August 18, 2010

    Thanks for the labor.

    Really appreciate this positive Green Party news about Whitney campaign for Governor.

    Rich Whitney is a solid candidate, and a great American Green Party Patriot.

    Man it would be great to have Rich as Governor!

  9. Scott West Scott West August 18, 2010

    Are you being paid to post?

  10. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 18, 2010

    Whitney will lose.
    He could win with PLAS, but he is a fool. He will not try it.
    All the particulars of the race do not matter very much. The duopoly will prevail.

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