Strong Libertarian voter registration in Alaska

Libertarian Party blog:

The Associated Press reports:

Libertarians have picked up the most additional voters in Alaska over the past year. The state Division of Elections reports about 6,530 more registered voters in the state on Aug. 3 than on the same date a year earlier….

Among the categories seeing gains, Libertarians led the pack, with nearly 2,440 more voters than a year earlier.

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2 thoughts on “Strong Libertarian voter registration in Alaska

  1. Mik Robertson

    Nice Job! I think voter registration makes a strong statement.

    In Pennsylvania we have hit an all-time high with over 37,000 registered voters, in fact 37,302 as of August 16, 2010. This is up over 2% from the number on March 29, 2010. In that same time R’s are up less than 0.1% and D’s are down about 0.2%.

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