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Tea Party Candidate Dunmire Wins Liberty Summit Straw Poll

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(Orlando) Tea Party congressional nominee Peg Dunmire (TEA-Orlando) won a straw ballot conducted at the statewide Florida Liberty Summit being held in Orlando this weekend.

Dunmire won the vote with 24% of the votes cast.

Straw Poll results for the 8th Congressional District results:

Peg Dunmire (TEA) – 24%
Todd Long (R) – 21%
Patricia Sullivan (R) – 19%
George Metcalf (NPA) – 14%
Dan Webster (R) – 10%
Kurt Kelly (R) – 6%
Alan Grayson (D) – 3%
Others – 3%

The Liberty Summit is an annual event sponsored by the Campaign for Liberty – a conservative Republican organization that represents conservative/ libertarian/pro-liberty individuals from across Florida.

Republican United States Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) was the guest speaker at last nights kick-off event.

Over 700 participants have gathered in Orlando at the Rosen Centre Hotel for this annual event.

“Peg Dunmire continues to demonstrate that she is the one candidate who can defeat Alan Grayson. The dying Republican Party and it’s corrupt regime are not gaining any traction with the voters,” stated John Hallman, former state director for FreedomWorks and Executive Director of the Florida Tea Party. A new day is dawning.”


  1. Keith Keith September 9, 2010

    People need to understand that if we do not elect the candidates that will stand for the people and against big government this Nov. Then we will be in for a major decline in our freedoms, our prosperity and our liberties not seen since the civil war. Please stand up to the political dog and pony show of the current politicians. If we do not help true patriots and not politicians win this election. We will have lost the best opportunity for years to come. That will afford us the ability turn our country around and head it back to the Republic it was meant to be.

  2. AudraM AudraM August 16, 2010

    Orange County Campaign for Liberty County Coordinator Audra Montgomery here with a small correction: Campaign for Liberty is not a Republican organization, but a non-partisan one.

    Otherwise, great write-up and congrats to Peg and her supporters for getting out the vote. It was an amazing weekend, to be sure

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