8PM EST tonight, IPR blogtalkradio with Carey Campbell, chairman of Virginia Indy Greens

Tonight at 8 PM EST, Carey Campbell will be on IPR blogtalkradio.  The interview will last 30 minutes, and you can call in to ask questions at 646-200-0264.  Submit any questions you would like to be asked (if you don’t want to call in) in the comments.  You can listen here, or go to our blogtalkradio site:

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20 thoughts on “8PM EST tonight, IPR blogtalkradio with Carey Campbell, chairman of Virginia Indy Greens

  1. Ross Levin Post author

    If there are any Greens who were involved or have some knowledge of the Indy Greens’ split from the VA Green Party, I’d appreciate it if you could call in.

  2. Daniel Surman

    You may want to ask about the recent episode of Jeff Clark’s offer to withdraw in the 5th district. Apparently somebody leaked some of his personal financial issues to the press, and he offered to withdraw if the person who did it would come forward. The Democrat denied any part in the affair but the Republican’s campaign said they would not take part in “delusional speculation of who done it.”

  3. Daniel Surman

    Did I hear right that they said Bain is an Indy Green candidate? I thought in that race Vanke was the Indy Green endorsed candidate, and that Bain was running as a Libertarian.

    Nevertheless, good show.

  4. Ross Levin Post author

    Thanks, I did my best considering the limited amount of time I had for prep and the actual interview and that this is only the third serious interview I’ve ever done.

  5. Bill Wood

    Bain is the Libertarian Party Candidate for Virginia’s 6th Congressional District and not the Independent Green Candidate.

  6. Green Party Conservative

    .Hi William “Bill” Wood. If you are the Bill Wood from Loudoun county who ran for Congress, I believe the Indy Greens endorsed you a few years back.

    Just as Indy Greens endorsed the Bill Redpath in 10th district this year. In fact the Indy Greens withdrew their own candidate in the 10th when they learned Redpath was running.

    FLOYD BAYNE is the Independent Green elected 7th Congressional District Vice Chair
    Here’s Floyd at the Independent Greens Richmond, Press conference


    Jeff Vanke is the Independent Green endorsee in the 6th District.

    Great show… thank you.

  7. Green Party Conservative

    What Carey Campbell talked about:

    “More Candidates, Less Apathy” –
    The success Independent Green Party of Virginia has had recruiting and putting Indpendents and Independent Greens on the ballot over 20 years in Virginia.

    “More Trains, Less Traffic”
    The need to grow Green Jobs in Virginia, and across America by building Virginia wide, and Nationwide High Speed Rail, and light Rail into our communites. Save American lives. Cut dependence on foreign oil in half.

    “Fiscally Conservative, Socially Responsible”
    Balance the Federal Budget. Install an auditable Accounting System at the Pentagon. Stop No big uncontested contracts.

  8. paulie

    Ross, you may want to talk to Paulie about how to handle the call-ins. The last show we had some issues with that.

    It’s supposed to notify me that there is a call waiting, but I did not see or hear any notification. Where does that pop up? We may need to do a practice show/IPR hosts panel?

    Also, if anyone knows how to do it, I need to edit out the first 25 minutes of the show I did it, which is me trying to figure out if it was working and how to get/keep the guests on the line. After that it was OK and some of it was interesting…if anyone gets past the junk at the start.

    Well, I just figured out that’s the wrong blogtalkradio thing up there…

    It switches over automatically after a delay, like maybe an hour after the show is over.

  9. Ross Levin Post author

    paulie, the numbers of the people who called in were automatically on the “dashboard” thing and they were automatically muted. To let them talk, I just unmuted it.

  10. paulie

    Where in the dashboard? I didn’t see it, and I kept looking. We need a practice show. How about an IPR writers’ panel so that any of us that want to use it in the future can get familiar with it?

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