American Conservative Party: ‘Irony in the Judicial System’

Alfred Sanders at American Conservative Party:

Most people don’t realize that if the FBI comes to your home without a warrant but as part of a criminal investigation and asks you what color underwear you have on, you better either refuse to answer or tell them the truth – regardless of whether the color of your underwear has anything to do with the case or not. Lying to a federal official purportedly acting in the line of duty is a crime – period.

We hear about Patrick Fitzgerald’s high profile cases but the last two, Rod Blagojevich and Scooter Libby, have resulted merely in convictions for lying. How can you know something is a lie unless you know the truth. So if the convictions don’t go beyond lying, what they lied about must not have been a crime in the first place. Roger Clemmons has now been charged with lying to Congress. Lance Armstrong could be next. Now the feds have charged Mexican born actress Fernanda Romero and her American husband, claiming their marriage was a scam to allow her to stay in the country.

Supposedly, they lied to federal agents and on immigration forms – but they are married. So if you cross the border with an AK-47 in the middle of the night, you get free health care and an education. But lie to someone about why you’re here and you may go to prison. Does anybody but me find it a scary irony that we’re putting people in prison for lying to politicians and lawyers?

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