Cindy Sheehan: ‘Major Hoax: Don’t Get Fooled Again’

Via Peace and Freedom Blog, registered Peace and Freedom Party voter Cindy Sheehan writes at Peace of the Action:

OAKLAND, CA – August 31, 2010 – Tomorrow, August 31st, in a fake ceremony in Baghdad, the U.S. will once again declare a false end to the war in Iraq.

Cindy Sheehan’s Statement on the “End of Combat Operations in Iraq:

First of all-this was never a war, this always has been an illegal invasion and occupation of a sovereign country and it was obviously for the monetary benefit of a few and millions of people, including my family, have suffered because of it.

The first MAJOR HOAX was that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had WMD and a connection to al Qaeda and if the US didn’t invade immediately Iraq would send “mushroom clouds, or “drones with bio-weapons to the US East Coast–the second MAJOR HOAX was that we ended the war on May 1, 2003 when then US president, George Bush, declared an “end” to “combat operations;” the third MAJOR HOAX is that the US ended a horrible dictatorship, only to be replaced with a puppet US regime that almost makes execution a national sport.

Now, with a country in ruins and the US leaving many major construction projects unfinished-we are again perpetrating a MAJOR HOAX, not just on the people of Iraq, but the people of the US.

With 50,000 troops (the 3rd Armored Cavalry is deploying from Ft. Hood, Tx to Iraq as we speak), 18,000 mercenary killers and 82,000 support contractors (staffing an Imperial Embassy the size of 80 football fields), the illegal and immoral US occupation of Iraq is far from over.

As Ret. Lt. General James Dubik said recently: “It is in our (US) interest to have an Iraq that is friendly to the US.” What he means is an Iraq that is friendly to US war profiteers.

I want to say this in the most simple and direct way that I can: “If you believe that the war in Iraq is over, and not merely carnage rebranded, then you are deluding yourself and I hope you wake up to the fact that for generations human beings have been used as pawns for the political elite-and, don’t forget, that this is an election year.”

I urge all of you to put on your critical-thinking caps and reject this propaganda and reaffirm your commitment to peace above political party.

And by way of Socialist Webzine:

Déjà vu all over again
by Cindy Sheehan –

September 27, 2017, Wasilla, AK.

Speaking from the Far-Western White House, President Sarah Palin today declared that combat operations “are over” in Iraq.

“I want to thank the American troops and their families for the heroic roll they have played in freeing Iraq from a violent dictator and in protecting American interests in the Middle East,” President Palin continued. “The troops that are not redeployed in Af-Pak, Korea or Yemen or Columbia, and remain in Iraq will now and forever be known as ‘Enablers’ and Operation New Dawn will now be known as Operation High Noon,” the jubilant President, mother of eight, and grandmother of 12, finished.

“The Palin administration feels confident that this will be one of the final times that ‘end to combat operations’ in Iraq will be declared, and this will be a robust withdrawal” a release from the White House press office stated.

Is the above scenario far-fetched? I don’t think so—I have spent all week thinking that the rhetoric around the “end” to the combat mission in Iraq has to be satire from The Onion. I feel that nothing could be so bizarre.

Barack Obama called Iraq the “dumb war” in 2003—as is: “I am not against all wars, I am just against dumb wars,” and from that tiny, lukewarm, and essentially hostile statement, he was called “anti-war.” Indeed, when I found out that Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 2009—I accused the Swede (I was in Sweden at the time), who gave me the odd news, of lying, or reading another satire from The Onion.

My son, Casey and at least 4000 more troops have been killed in Iraq since George Bush’s famous Captain Codpiece moment when he flew onto the deck of the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier near San Diego and declared an “end to major combat” in Iraq. At that point, my son’s division, the First Cavalry’s, imminent deployment to Iraq was canceled (but later rescheduled). I remember the day that happened on May 1st, 2003 Casey called me from Ft. Hood and we I discussed the fact that the war was over.

Now, in a stultifying display of déjà vu, the Obama administration is declaring another end to combat in Iraq seven years, three months, and 18 days after BushCo’s declaration. Not only is this an astounding display of re-framework, many people are going to believe it. I just saw a commentator on MSNBC(GE) telling everyone that President Barack Obama ended the war in Iraq ahead of schedule.

Dozens of Iraqis were killed this past week and I think that they didn’t get the memo about the war being over, either. People are still going to die—soldiers will still be killed because the Iraqis have always seen them as oppressors and occupiers, not saviors.

If the troops aren’t combat troops any more, then let’s take away their guns, tanks, drones, airplanes, helicopters, humvees, bases, body armor, etc and have them live in apartments in Baghdad—and speaking of that, why don’t we de-fortify the Green Zone (that was also just rebranded to “International Zone) if everything is so hunky-dory. Also, the 3rd Armored Cav that is leaving for Iraq from Ft. Hood soon should refuse to go since the war is over!

The 4th Stryker Brigade from Ft. Lewis, Washington returned home a few days ago and they yelled: “We won,” as they left the country. The US has won nothing in Iraq and what we have done to the Iraqi people (and are going to do to them) should be our infinite national shame.

Even when/if the US troop count ever truly equals zero in Iraq—the so-called war will never end for millions of people. Iraq is a hot zone of depleted uranium contamination as Vietnam is still a hot zone for Agent Orange. Empire is the curse that never stops defiling.

Even though this past week has been Bizzarro World, I know what I am going to do. I am going to pretend like the wars are still relevant and the people who are in danger have precious lives that are worth saving.

I only believed the “Mission Accomplished” BS on May 1, 2003 because I so desperately needed to.

Not this time.

Not ever again.

We’ll leave Iraq when the last drop of oil and the last nickle is squeezed out of that most unfortunate of countries with some of the richest natural resources–not a second sooner.

6 thoughts on “Cindy Sheehan: ‘Major Hoax: Don’t Get Fooled Again’

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Shut up Richard. George Soros is a great proponent of world peace and I am glad that he is here to set up the Catholic Trotskyist New World Order, with Cndy Sheehan as mayor of San Francisco, George Soros as President of Hungary, and our Holy Revolutionary General Barack Obama as President of Kenya. Amen.

  2. Steve Stevenson, Miami Beach, Florida

    “We believe in one spender,
    The Government, the Almighty,
    Stimulator in times of great distress.

    We Believe in Obama,
    The only son of a Kansas girl.
    He was conceived out of wedlock
    By the power of young love
    And Born nearly fifty years ago.
    He can do no wrong.

    We believe in the Holy Congress,
    The giver of all life,
    From whom all good things come.
    With the power of the Federal Reserve,
    And the eminences of the Supreme Court, The Congress is worshiped and glorified.
    They shall spend us to prosperity now and forever.
    Amen.” “

  3. paulie Post author

    I spent much of the Shrub presidency advocating that he should be impeached. Unfortunately, the Libertarian Party missed the opportunity to call for his impeachment for the same principled reasons we once called for Clinton’s impeachment (no, not the blowjobs). For those same reasons, we should now call for Obama’s impeachment as well. But, only if we also call for war crimes trials for Bush and his gang. Otherwise, we look like we only find fault with Democrats, when both wings of the bipartisan bird of prey are equally responsible for destroying our freedom and prosperity.

  4. Bobby6Killer

    Cindy’s got it right. Seems to me only a shortsighted fool cannot see the withdrawal of combat troops for what it is. A hoax to give the illusion of the end of the war. Show me an embassy that’s protected by 50,000 non-combat troops & I will show you a war zone.

    Richard, get yourself neutered in the meantime so as to save the world from your progeny.

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