Constitution Party of NY qualifies their first congressional candidate for the ballot


Anthony Tolda

— CP Press Release —

A call to the New York State Board of Elections, today, confirmed that Constitution Party Congressional candidate, Anthony Tolda, has apparently qualified for the ballot in New York’s Second US House of Representatives race.  New York’s Second Congressional District is located in Central Long Island.

A Board of Elections representative confirmed that the petitions had been submitted and the time to challenge the petitions had expired.  Therefore, he said, he could think of absolutely no reason why Anthony Tolda would not be on the ballot, however he did say that candidates are actually certified on Septmeber 27.Congratulations to Anthony Tolda. It is believed that Anthony is the first Constitution Party candidate to ever qualify for a Congressional office in New York State.  And Anthony Tolda won’t just be a name on the ballot either.  He is a very dynamic candidate who is running to win and Constitution Party leaders in New York state expect Anthony to really surprise the political establishment in New York and across the country in November. For more information about Anthony Tolda’s campaign and how you can help him, please visit his campaign website here.

4 thoughts on “Constitution Party of NY qualifies their first congressional candidate for the ballot

  1. Steven wilson

    Is the American Independent Party nation wide as the Constitution party, or is this just a state group in California? I have done a little reading on it, and must say it is hard to follow. Congrats to him for his entrance.

  2. Cody Quirk

    The California AIP is split in two factions and one is with the CP.

    It’s a mess down there.

  3. Steven wilson

    Thanks. I knew about one in Michigan, but wasn’t sure about the national coverage. The CP in Missouri is organized but small. Should send some people from California to train in Missouri.

  4. Cody Quirk

    The Missouri CP is doing pretty good and growing, though if you want to know whose the best & most organized & active out of all the CP state affiliates- its the IAP of Nevada, with the Utah CP coming in at a close second.

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