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Don Lamunyon: ‘Congressional Leash for Dogs of War!’

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St. Helens, OR – DON LAMUNYON, Constitution Party Candidate for Congressional District 1, issued a position paper today stating,

“Congress must reclaim its War Power authority” and “Leash the Dogs of War.”

LAMUNYON further states that,

” Under the US Constitution congress has no authority to repeatedly allow presidents to spill the blood of our soldiers in order to provide military services for other nations. As a member of congress, I will vote to remove all of our military personnel from Afghanistan and Iraq. ”

DON LAMUNYON’S complete statement on this issue at

DON LAMUNYON’S next September campaign event will be at the Scappoose Sauerkraut Festival on September 18th.

Life, Liberty, Limited Government
Candidate for U.S. Rep.— Dist. 1
P.O. Box 865
St. Helens, OR 97051

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  1. “Massachusetts Secretary of State recently released registration data. ………. American Independent 700; Reform 296; Socialist 207; Constitution 83 ……….. ”

    [Lake: that unfair, unkind Don Lake is ‘unnecessarily’ dissing the national CP. Again! He (separately of paulie or ‘Two Marks and an Ed’) TRUTH FULLY reported distention of / in Dixie area state CPs in Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s ‘back yard’. Hints of disassociation with in Montana CP! And, of course, ‘double booked’ criminals / agents provocateur (Grundmann, Lussenheide, King, Nightingale ………) in California, a non fusion state!]

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