Five-way gubernatorial debate held in Maine

H/T to Ballot Access News.  From the Portland Press Herald:

AUGUSTA — The five candidates for governor shared their thoughts on the state of Maine agriculture Tuesday, offering proposals that included reduced regulation and lower taxes…

Independent Eliot Cutler said the high cost of electricity, energy and health care create a “wall of costs” in Maine.

“Then there is a wall of no,” he said. “It’s a wall that keeps investment out of the state of Maine.”

He said that on his first day as governor, he would create an office to review and repeal unnecessary state laws. He joked that the director of that office would be called “the grim repealer.”

He also repeated the call to abolish the Board of Environmental Protection — a citizen board that reviews and implements state environmental laws…

Independent Kevin Scott said he wants to get more Maine food into schools, and he continued to advocate for a 32-hour workweek for state employees.

“We know for a fact that 40 hours a week is costing us a lot of money every year,” he said.

Independent Shawn Moody said that when he was growing up in Gorham, there were 20 dairy farms. Today there are three.

He said he sees no difference between farmers and other small businesses in Maine that need help. The state must reduce the cost of energy, he said, which could be accomplished by putting existing dams back into service.

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