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Florida TEA Party reports another legal victory

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This just in: the Florida TEA Party reports that a Tallahassee circuit judge has affirmed a place on the Nov. 2 ballot for John DeVries, the party’s nominee to take on state Rep. Chris Dorworth, R-Longwood, who’s the GOP Speaker-designate in 2014-16.

A release from TEA Party spokesman and political consultant Doug Guetzloe said Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford denied a motion of for an emergency injunction that would have removed DeVries from the November ballot.

The Republican Party of Florida and its allies have filed at least nine lawsuits — by the TEA Party’s count — trying to force its candidates off the ballot. The GOP has asserted numerous irregularities — such as filing fees being paid by TEA Party found Fred O’Neal and the fact that many of the candidates don’t live in the districts they want to represent. Thus far, though, the lawsuits have been unsuccessful.

“It is a great victory for the voters of Florida who are supporting the TEA Party movement and our political efforts and it is a great victory for the TEA Party (TEA),” stated O’Neal, the Windermere attorney who founded the party and argued DeVries’ case..


  1. sammy sammy September 13, 2010

    Trying to pick between the two major parties is like trying to decide which bottle of poison will taste better going down. I’m over it already I’m voting Tea and I’m not looking back.

  2. Lilly Lilly September 9, 2010

    When will we understand that the founding fathers wanted us to vote for individuals, not parties. John has just as much right to run as anyone else, who the heck do these Republicans think they are? The public needs to know about this treachery. I thought this was America, go Tea Party.

  3. Kevin Kevin September 8, 2010

    Good, the republicans are spending donner money on trying to destroy private citizens. Everyone should know what this people are doing with their money. And don’t they think the public is smart enough to determine who they should vote for? Their problem is they know the people will be more informed this time around and they won’t hold up to the scrutiny. Keep up the fight!

  4. Dan Dan September 8, 2010

    Finally we will have some real conservative leadership. The Tea Party will become the new majority, and other 2 parties should fade into the history books. Thank God

  5. Jimmy Jimmy September 8, 2010

    The GOP are running scared because they know what time it is. America will no-longer take the lesser of two evils, that’s just not good enough. People this election cycle have a real choice, Vote Tea, I am.

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