Libertarian Amanda Swafford Elected To City Council in Georgia

From Ballot Access News:

On September 21, the town of Flowery Branch, Georgia, held a special election to fill a vacancy on the city council.  The election is non-partisan.  Libertarian Party member Amanda Swafford defeated her only opponent by a two-to-one margin.  See this story.  Flowery Branch is in Hall County, in northern Georgia near Gainesville.

This isn’t the new councilwoman’s first successful foray into electoral politics. While living in California Swafford won a position on the Sacramento County land use committee.

6 thoughts on “Libertarian Amanda Swafford Elected To City Council in Georgia

  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]


    Top Minds on Revenue Before Reform

    For local political junkies, Prop. D is the main event this November. And whether they know it or not, the decision made by voters will affect everyone who sets foot in San Diego.

    If it passes, sales taxes will go up if city leaders adopt a bunch of reforms. If it fails, the people who run San Diego will have to tackle the city’s financial problems without the carrot of extra revenue.

    The fate of city services – police, fire, libraries, parks, roads and all the rest – will hang in the balance.

  2. Eric Dondero

    This is a very positive development. The Libertarian Party should be very proud. Wasn’t even on anybody’s radar screen.

    Note – the LPGA has another elected town councilwoman in Johns Creek. And she’s an African American. Two-term elected official.

    Ya think the LP would get smart and maybe recruit her to run for Prez in 2012?

  3. George Whitfield

    Congratulations to Ms. Swafford! Thank you for running. I hope Steve Kubby will also be successful in his city council election in California.

  4. Vaughn

    Members of minor parties need to pay attention to vacancies in local office and special elections to fill them. There is probably one in your county right now!

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