Libertarian National Congressional Committee Announces Addition of Economist and CEO Kip Herriage to the Board

Wayne Allyn Root at LP blog:

Wayne Allyn Root, the Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee (LNCC) announced today the addition of Kip Herriage to the Board of the LNCC. Kip is best known as CEO and Co-Founder of Wealth Masters International, one of the world’s fastest growing financial education and consulting firms, with 35,000 members and operations in over 140 countries. Kip is also the Publisher of Vertical Research Advisory Investment Newsletter (VRA), a top-ranked financial publication. His uncanny predictions, including the remarkable recent rise of gold and the failure of the U.S. economy have earned Herriage the nickname “The Nostradamus of Finance.”

Kip’s background includes a 15-year role as Vice President and money manager for one of the largest investment firms on Wall Street, where he managed money for institutions and high net worth clients.

Root said of Herriage’s addition to the LNCC Board, “I am proud to add a successful CEO, fundraiser and internationally-recognized financial expert to our LNCC Board. Kip’s remarkable success on Wall Street, with his investment newsletter, and with the international financial business he has built from the ground up, will all add great synergy to our Board. We hope to utilize Kip’s unique talents for fundraising, marketing and business building on behalf of Libertarian candidates across the USA.”

Herriage said, “I am honored to join Wayne Allyn Root and the Libertarian Party in their struggle to overhaul the U.S. political system. It is irrevocably broken and needs a fresh start. Our goal is not to just elect Libertarians, but also to defeat candidates from both parties who are responsible for the destruction of American values, the U.S. economy, and the American Dream.”

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  1. Tip O'Neill

    From: michael seebeck []
    Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 5:48 PM
    To: ‘George Phillies’
    Subject: FW: Root’s at it again
    Importance: High

    FYI. –MWS

    From: michael seebeck []
    Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 5:46 PM
    Subject: Root’s at it again
    Importance: High

    This should be of special interest to LNC members.

    On Facebook, Root is reporting today, about 2 hours ago: “I’m proud to announce that Kip Herriage, CEO of Wealth Masters International has been elected to the Board of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee (LNCC)”

    It should be noted at—Scam-Or-Legitimate-Opportunity&id=731234, and that Wealth Masters International is a MLM scam.

    It’s extremely disconcerting that the LNCC, already a pay-to-play group, with no oversight by the LNC (per Mattson, Dec 2008 LNC meeting), is engaging in association with such shady characters. In the political arena where perception is reality, this is ARSENIC! We already get enough grief politically, so we don’t need THIS problem on top of it to negatively reflect on our federal candidates.

    So, I’m going to put some people on the spot. Mark, this means YOU, for starters.

    LNC, you need to change the standing order (or whatever it is) regarding that committee to establish proper oversight of the LNCC, and it needs to be done NOW, before Root and his cronies destroy the LP. I’m dead-on, one-million-percent serious here.

  2. So...?

    It’s nice that Root is adding all these rich people to his board.

    Have they funded any campaigns yet?

    If so which ones and how much?

    If not, when do they plan to start and what are their plans?

  3. Be Rational

    More questions:

    Does this LNCC have a website?

    Do they hold meetings?

    Is there anything to it beyond PR announcements?

    Do they actually raise any money?

    What are their expenses?

    How much and what percentage of what they raise actually gets out to campaigns?

  4. Daniel Surman

    Please note that neither article in Wilson’s email calls the service a scam. The first says that when it was founded it was too soon to pass judgement, while the second says that while it probably is not worth your money, it also says that it is not a scam service.

  5. Shilling for a GOP Majority

    “Have they funded any campaigns yet? … If not, when do they plan to start…?”

    They’ll start talking tough right after the November elections.

    The LP is perceived as always “taking away votes” from the GOP. Root doesn’t want to hurt the GOP’s chances of winning back Congress in 2010, so the LNCC will do no serious campaigning until after the GOP is safely back in charge.

    Then the LNCC might lash out against “hypocritical Republicans” — when it no longer matters.

    No wonder Republican politicians and media shows promote Root.

  6. Galt

    Kip Herriage and Root both know that to do anything you always use other people’s money. So did Mel Brooks when he made “The Producers” – Zero Mostel shouts it: “Never use your own money.”

    It is great to know that Kip Herriage is running a “scam” which is probably breaking federal laws. Has he been convicted or is this just interpretation of what his company offers? If he’s convicted of a felony was it for a violent crime or fraud? If not, why should I care?

    Lots of people separate fools from their money. Many of them are in government. Maybe Wayne has something here. Get a bunch of confidence artists who know how to separate fools from their money. Use their money to get into federal office. Use the power of that office to get more money from more fools. Rinse, repeat.

    That Wayne is an opportunist is obvious. Isn’t that what politics is about?

  7. Robert Capozzi

    ms, you claim Wealth Masters is a MLM scam, yet you point us to an article that says this:

    “WMI is a new company without the long term backing of other companies. We are yet to see if they will even be around in 5 yrs or end up as the next online scam….At this point the company consists of a lot of Big MLMer’s who have switched over to test the direct sales water.”

    The other article has this at the bottom:

    “(NOTE FROM MODERATOR: Will, this is a lovely article, but you’re a first time user and the last few paragraphs made the whole piece look like a thinly veiled pitch for your own site — something we expressly forbid unless you’ve been around for awhile. It also looked like the script for your Youtube video. So that part was deleted.) ”

    What remains is mostly a critique of a different operation, CarbonCopy Pro.

    I know nothing about Wealth Masters Intl, but your indictment isn’t backed up. Want to try again?

    You may have real and valid concerns, but can you endeavor to present them with germane and lucid data points in the future?

  8. George Phillies

    For those of you curious, #2 was posted by someone else on the from/to/BCC line of the message. I can often manage to spell my own name correctly.

    The LNCC files with the FEC. It has a record of never supporting candidates for Federal office.

    The links appear to indicate that these places are multilevel marketing schemes. If you try to ask yourself what the orthodox product is, based on the descriptions, well, let us all know what sounds to be worth the quoted sums.

    If you are not bright enough to recognize the issue from the clear description, you cannot be helped.

  9. Robert Capozzi

    gp: If you are not bright enough…

    me: I’m sure most who know you (including me) consider you “bright,” and as a man whose judgment is often questionable (witness your narcing to the FEC and, to this day, you remain unapologetic). Intellect and wisdom can be VERY different things.

    I’ve not previously read articles from “ezinearticles” and “friendsinbusiness”…perhaps Seebeck and you consider those web pages great authorities. As you can see, I quoted directly from them. You haven’t. Consider doing so.

    Whether “ezinearticles” and “friendsinbusiness” should be considered authoritative is, of course, up to the reader. I don’t, to be clear.

    The descriptions to be sure do not sound attractive or positive to me personally, either. Indeed, while MLMs are not my cup of tea, some people find some of them to be good business models. As a L, I don’t view it as my business how others conduct business, so long as fraud or force are not used.

    My point is that Seebeck’s charges don’t seem at all well documented. If he’s going to make them, he should be more careful.

    We grow weary from wild accusations.

    BTW, since when were Ls concerned with orthodoxy?!!!

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