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Libertarians John Wayne Smith, JJ McCurry booted off Florida ballot

Ballot Access News reports that “the Florida Secretary of State’s office has removed John Wayne Smith from the November ballot. He is the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Governor. The Secretary of State’s office says he didn’t submit all the necessary forms. However, Smith says he submitted all forms in person on June 17, and he has witnesses and photos of himself submitting the paperwork. The Secretary of State now says he did submit a form that shows that his Lieutenant Governor running mate, J. J. McCurry, is a registered Libertarian, but says he did not submit another form designating McCurry as Smith’s running mate. Smith says he has copies of that form, which had been notarized. Unfortunately he did not get a receipt for each document from the Secretary of State’s office.

Smith was notified about the missing paperwork only one hour before the deadline to have replaced it, and he was unable to do so. He and McCurry would have been the first gubernatorial ticket on the Florida ballot with the Libertarian party name.”

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous September 4, 2010


    At least they can try again next election.

  2. Drunk Against Madd Mothers Drunk Against Madd Mothers September 4, 2010

    An heroic attempt.

  3. FL Campaign Documents Search FL Campaign Documents Search September 12, 2010

    John Wayne Smith did NOT submit all required paperwork in a timely manner.

    His original Lieutenant Governor running mate was Staci Hennegar as per 05/28/09 Statement of Candidate document.

    John Wayne Smith did NOT file any documents to show a Lieutenant Governor change to John “JJ” McCurry.

    But the real problem is that John Wayne Smith was required to submit the change of Lieutenant Governor (ss. 106.19(1)(c), 106.265(1), Florida Statutes) DS-DE 10 days after Staci Hennegar “quit” and went back to the Republican Party around August 10, 2009.

    Even if John Wayne Smith submitted all forms in person on June 17, 2010 it was several months TOO LATE.

    In addition John Wayne Smith’s NEGLIGENCE to file required documents — he also bungled several of his 2009 and 2010 campaign financial reports.

    These are not complicated documents to file –yet John Wayne Smith somehow did not have the competence to fill them out completely.

    The Florida Division of Elections has public access to Florida Candidates campaign documents at:

    Where it says “Account Name” type John Wayne Smith.

    You will see all the (PDF) campaign documents filed (and not filed) by John Wayne Smith.

  4. paulie paulie September 12, 2010

    Thanks for the info.

  5. Ricky James Moore II Ricky James Moore II November 25, 2011

    This is old news, but he’s not a libertarian anyway, so who cares.

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