Reform Party of NJ Launches “Sensible Centrist”

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The recently re-launched Reform Party of New Jersey, which was founded in 2009 as a successor to the defunct NJ Reform Party of the 1990s, has spent the last several months building party infrastructure, working closely with the party’s national office to build a viable centrist alternative to New Jersey’s Democratic and Republican Parties.

The Reform Party, which promotes fiscal responsibility and government accountability, recently released the first issue of its new newsletter, “The Sensible Centrist.”

The publication, which will be available online on a monthly basis, will keep readers updated on Reform Party events and news on both the national and state level. It also features articles written by party members and activists; the party hopes to include an “Ask the RPNJ” page in coming issues, so readers are encouraged to send their questions and comments to for potential publication.

The September issue can be downloaded in pdf format here.

11 thoughts on “Reform Party of NJ Launches “Sensible Centrist”

  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    [a] when adding comments at rpnj site wait a couple of minutes for the contact discussion box to fully materialize. The ‘submit’ button and the Catchum code box takes two or three minutes to appear!

    [b] no physical site of rpnj other than state elections office …….

    [c] article submission”


    Here we go! The New York Times once again is broad casting from Fantasy Land. Yes, General Motors is an icon. Yes, Alfred P. Sloan was a genius. However, post WWII, GM has been digging it’s own grave since the 1950s!

    Cadillac as the standard for luxury? Maybe —- for ‘drivers’ who get behind the wheel after hobbling to their vehicle with their walker. Even in the fifties. Even in the back wards mid west /Heart Land. [All three ‘coasts’ were probably a decade ahead of the standard culture curve.]

    Yes, even decades ago, Caddy was grandpa’s dream car. Even middle aged drivers were looking else where.

    A vehicle for every niche? Oh, that decisive take over of Jeep for the pre SUV set. [Oops, never happened!]

    Over kill on the avalanche of makes and models? Strangulation of creativity via layer after suffocating layer of so called ‘supervision‘? These short falls were served up to GM executive management FOR DECADES.
    [Late of Kansas City]

  2. Dennis

    [a] That may be an issue with your web browser, as that doesn’t happen on my laptop.
    [b] What do you mean no physical site?
    [c] Huh?

  3. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    physical site, as nick name for postal address ………

    there was a call for article submissions. I believe that an anti bail out sentiment is deeply rooted in reformist paradymes and philosophies. Sorry you could not see that.

    As the former national publisher of RfP USA monthly print organ, just may be I have a feel for that area.

    Of course, my operation was shut down [by John Blare, John Dennis Coffey, Valli Sharpe Geisler, and John Bambey. But the one and only sticking point was one article. Some thing about the Zionists murders of the USS Liberty sailors.

    Go figure. Hey nothing new there. Conflicting reports out of Syria and Egypt concerning Ramses the Great. How ever, not much ‘reform’ in acting like multi centuries old despots!

  4. Dennis

    Reform Party of New Jersey
    PO Box 2184
    Cliffside Park, NJ 07010-9991

    And Don, you want that article printed in the newsletter? If so, I appreciate it. 🙂

  5. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    Yes, do with what you think is best, broadcast, edit, or store as you deem fit. I believe in plays into much of United We Stand America / reformist philosophy. And I am the former ‘publisher’ of the national monthly print organ.

    More Bruce Westcott / Ken Jones

    ” WTPC_C
    I’ve been telling you so for half a decade or more ……….

    ‘Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves …….’

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, struggling to warn the public about the ongoing failure of veterans programs, not just more lethal, politicized, uncaring programs that create hack patronage jobs, spend taxes in constituent communities, while doing little or nothing for real veterans, their real families, with their real problems……

    From: Bruce Westcott
    Sent: Mon, September 27, 2010 8:24:16 AM
    To Doris, Bill and Dave Greenwood
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Bruce Westcott
    Sent: Mon, Sep 27, 2010 8:21 am
    Subject: Re: To Doris, Bill and Dave Greenwood


    “It may have included wording in the appeal for funds for John Blare”. ??? Is that a joke, Ken Jones?

    Why don’t you re-publish the letter? This way everyone can clearly see that your stooge fund raising letter on behalf of your Edgar Bergen, now followed by your attempted denials and usual twisting of words’ methods are as phony as the SPECIFIC intentions of the letter.

    The letter, Mr. Jones, CLEARLY AND UNAMBIGUOUSLY is stated to be for the purpose of providing funding for John Blare’s personal expenses, and is CLEARLY AND UNAMBIGUOUSLY stated to be on behalf and beneficial to the RPUSA, which is a CLEAR AND UNAMBIGUOUS violation of the court’s instructions.

    Can you say illegal? Once again, you (attempt to) hide behind your skirt of deception and false denials. It ain’t gonna’ wash.

    Bruce Westcott

    [Lake: for a crazy person, Don Lake sure has a lot of endorsers and or supporters, later on. I do not think it is just a sympathy back lash. ‘Told ya so, told ya so!]

  6. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    Bruce Westcott
    Fwd: Laying It Out ……….
    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home

    —-Original Message—–
    From: Bruce Westcott
    Sent: Thu, Sep 30, 2010 5:49 pm
    Subject: Laying It Out

    My Dear Friends, Listed Members, and Fellow Citizens:

    Are you still receiving these constant (every two weeks since May) and ridiculous notices from the Blare/Bambey/Jones/ (and now, unfortunately) Greenwood cabal whose agenda serves no other practical purpose than to either censor, expel, suspend, or otherwise reprimand mostly former members of this practically defunct political organization? (You will notice, and obviously have noticed, the Blare selectiveness in charging members with the exact same “violations” other than themselves.)

    Please allow me to lay out the reality of current circumstances in the larger matter, which is the very survival of a once-promising, but, respectfully to the Collison group, now dishonored national political organization:

    1) John Blare, who despite Ken Jones’ lame and false denial that Mr. Blare does not lead nor represent this membership in its legal filings, must receive acceptance of his pauperis filings (sans updating and filing of recent “contributions and loans”) from the court.

    2) Judge Bianco must reverse his 2010 decision.

    3) If all of that fails him, John Blare must (as he has avowed) convince the Supreme Court of the United States to even hear his challenges to all of the above.

    4) If the Supreme Court were ever to hear John Blare’s case, he must emerge successful in convincing the Supreme Court to overturn the Texas final judgment.

    5) In some very unlikely event that Mr. Blare overcomes all of the above, he must then convince some court somewhere to acknowledge his leadership of the RPUSA.

    A decade of this legal wrangling apparently hasn’t been enough for John Blare (after all, he does receive personal funding of some sort in order to sustain the (I now truly believe to be intentional) quareling over who owns the name, RPUSA. “It’s my ball; no, it’s my ball; no it’s my ball…” “Mommie tell him that it’s my ball”.

    Meanwhile, yet another election cycle in the American electoral process has passed by the RPUSA again.

    Do YOU Want The Truth?

    Bruce Westcott, Chairman
    Reform Party of Nevada

    [Lake: for a crazy person, Don Lake sure has a lot of endorsers and or supporters, later on. I do not think it is just a sympathy back lash. ‘Told ya so, told ya so!’]

  7. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]


    …………. the central philosophy of Cannon’s [Lake: Reform Party] campaign for governor. He thinks that Democrats and Republicans bicker too much and that he would be a kind of political peacemaker.

    And if that seems a bit far-fetched in light of the court cases, he also favors the so-called fair tax and believes state government needs to do a better job promoting Kansas businesses.

    Why is he living in Lenexa [Johnson County, Kansas]? Turns out his father is convalescing in a nearby assisted-living center after suffering serious injuries in a head-on crash with a drunken driver. The church was kind enough to let Cannon and his wife park their rig.

    It’s two full lots. More than enough space, I’d guess, for the three other candidates to pitch their tents. That might be the only way to get them together, as Cannon and Gray weren’t invited to next week’s debate in Hutchinson [Kansas]

    Cannon says it’s not fair to shut him out: “We’ve developed a strong grass-roots following.”

    Meaning the campaign. They’re short on grass roots in the vacant lot. Mostly weeds.

    To reach Mike Hendricks, call 816-234-7708 or send e-mail to

    Read more:

  8. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    reformpartyusa –

    LOOK AT THE HISTORICAL CYCLE of no Shared-Profits with the workers:

    · Colonial Period: Plantation Fascism: Indentured Servants > Child Labor > Slavery!

    · Industrial Revolution: Plantation Commerce > Family-owned Factories > Corporate Factories!

    · Corporate Mergers: From Competitors with same Product or Service to Monopolies! Then from Monopolies to Cartels & then into Conglomerates!

    Now from Conglomerates into Corporatocracy and back into “Plantation Fascism” with the likes of Wal?Mart and their many spin-off foreign factories!

    Global Workforce: Whether domestic or foreign – the conditions of the workers varies little while health, safety, and environmental conditions & standards are sacrificed for production & profit!

    The only hope for America is for Organized Labor Unions to again become a checks & balances against the huge-corporations – and for strong-willed public servants to exercise the right to REVOKE CORPORATE CHARTERS, seize corporate assets, and replace corporate managers with those who will put the public interest first & foremost!

    The “Obama-Oil-Spill” in the Gulf of Mexico would be a good start – as well as the Massey Coal Company in the Appalachia! See !

    Remember: “The first duty of the national government is to protect the necessities of life and not to secure the highest possible profits for moneylenders and profiteers!”

    [See “10 POINTS of REFORM for AMERICA”] It’ time the ill-gotten gain of corporate-greed is seized from multi-national corporations like BP when they do injury to public interests!

  9. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    From: Jerome E Heinemann


    newsletter002001.jpg (23KB) View Image

    Reform Party USA – Action Group

    ‘Never again will one generation of Veterans abandon another!’


    Reform Party USA – Action Group Newsletter ~ Vol.8, No.16 [233rd Edition]



    “Reporting what others think…but won’t say publicly!”



    For those of us who lived through the so-called “Cold War Era”, we were told we could sleep at night knowing full well that the “MAD Doctrine” was in full force & effect between the former Soviet Union & the USA!

    The MAD Doctrine assumes that each side has enough nuclear weaponry to destroy the other side and that either side, if attacked for any reason by the other, would retaliate with equal or greater force.

    The expected result is an immediate escalation resulting in both combatants’ total and assured destruction….. See .

    There was a sort of “peace” however knowing that the entire planet would be destroyed once the nuclear missiles were launched towards their targets – and that “MAD Military Doctrine” is still in effect to this day! *

    Meanwhile many books have been written about how the “Roosevelt-regime” engineered and manipulated the USA into WWII;

    and how the “Johnson-regime” manufactured the “Gulf of Tonkin” hoax & propaganda to instigate the Viet Nam War fiasco; and now, after a decade of smoke & mirrors …………..

    * [Lake: especially when lots of folk in the know have been aware for the non nuclear options for decades. The alternatives include a very simple, yet devastating, titanium di oxide, Rod From God, ‘space arrow’. Deep impact, such as a meteor strike, but no ABC (atomic, biological, chemical) residual.]

  10. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]


    From: Bruce Westcott

    To: Citizens For A Better Veterans Home

    Don, you have arrived! You are listed as being number 44 on the Blare Witch Hunt aka/The Nat Com Agenda (must be an early Halloween thing).

    A sensible person would conclude that the items that this idiot and his stooges have concocted would have ordinarily been considered as being at the least hypocritical, and by now old and weary (seems that these puppets have been having difficulty for at least most of this entire year to gather a quorum for their subjective Agenda meetings).

    Their unattended meetings have become the subject of a bad joke. It is no longer laughable. These people have proven themselves to be certifiably ridiculous.

    Listed at #57 on the Blare list is an item in which the attendees are supposed to censor Bruce Westcott for having “verbal communications” with so-called expelled or otherwise former members, specifically Mr. David Collison.

    Here I was under the impression that I have a Constitutional right to speak to anyone of my choice. Blare and Stooges think otherwise.

    Can you imagine a national political party forbidding its members from speaking to others – anyone for that matter?

    What Mr. Blare has conveniently left out in listing his indictments is that Mr. Blare himself has been speaking to none other than “the other side’s” Janelle Skinner/Weil. * Can you say, hypocritical?

    Another good one is listed at #59 placing Bruce Westcott on “moderation and probation – temporary or indefinite”. ???????

    The fact is that Mr. Blare and his blind-follower lieutenants have been supressing my posts to the national reflectors for several months. Can you say, censorship?

    Number 9 is a real good one: “Fiduciary gross misconduct”? By whom? Can’t be directed to Blare, right?

    #13: “David Collison, et. al. enjoined activities”. ????????????? This is an item?

    Gosh, oh no, Westcott is going to be censured on items 74 and 75!!!

    This is a little after the fact of my resignation as National Chairman, effective May, 2010. I resigned as National Chairman;

    I then disaffiliated the Reform Party of Nevada from the “Blare Faction”; I then had to send Blare a notice that I would have nothing to do with “his” faction and its minions;

    and yet, Blare still has to have his fix of bi-monthly notices and pound of an extensive to-numerous-to-list of former members.

    I would like to hear the discussion on #77. I’ve been trying to get a straight answer to that question myself for quite a few months.

    With the exception of a statement in which I specifically and straight-forwardly addressed John Bambey’s dereliction of duties, I made no specific “assertions” as listed in #59.

    While during my term as National Chairman, I responsibly did ask a hell of a lot of questions regarding the subjects of finances, bank accounts, bank transfers, pauperis filings, “personal” loans and contributions, balance sheet, etc.,

    none of which have been answered by either Blare “Mr. Bambey controls the California bank account”, or Marvin Clark, the Secretary and Treasurer respectively of a national political party.

    I stand by my “assertion” regarding John – “There is no California bank account” – Bambey.
    For the record: I made no “assertion”; I made a very specific charge against John Bambey regarding his despicable conduct while “serving” as Chairman of the Legal Committee.

    The rest of the too-numerous-to-pay-any-attention-to Agenda Items are just simply chin-dripping babble.

    Week after week, month after month, year after year……..Onward to the Supreme Court: A death knoll for any hope of either sustaining or building a viable, honorable, trustworthy and effective national political party under the full direction and control of John Blare.

    But the Supreme Court pledge and the incessant continuation of absurd bi-monthly Agenda meeting notices do serve their purposes, don’t they Mr. Blare?

    Hey Bill Greenwood, you still have not answered my $600 question. You remember, don’t you Bill?

    The $600 matter that was brought up during Ken Jones’ ILLEGAL fundraising letter on behalf of the RPUSA, in which you and Ken Jones requested of my support to be transferred to John Blare for his personal expenses.

    I answered the request with a resounding NO, and furthermore suggested that John Blare get a job and stop leaning on this membership for personal funding. Yes, that $600.

    And to think that some of you continue with this man is incomprehensible.

    Bruce Westcott, Chairman
    Reform Party of Nevada
    Do YOU Want The Truth”

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