Rick Lazio, Conservative Party Candidate

For Rick Lazio, the losing candidate in the Republican Primary to take on Andrew Cuomo for Governor of New York, it was a sombre scene. For those who follow third party politics, it was a bit more interesting. The Albany Times-Union reports:

After Paladino’s Buffalo victory speech, Rick Lazio came out and gave a quick concession speech: “We wish we had a different outcome but we’re proud of the quality and character of this campaign,” he said.

After thanking his supporters, Lazio was ushered out without answering any questions.

Next up was Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long, who said that yes, Lazio for now would continue to run on his party line. Obviously, this is bad news for Paladino, who has an uphill climb against Cuomo to begin with. The prospect of a split GOP/Conservative vote makes it even more daunting. Long, who is known as a shrewd deal maker for his party, though did leave open the possibility that Lazio might step aside.

Two days ago it was Paladino who declared that, if he lost, he would continue to campaign on his Taxpayers Party ballot line.

11 thoughts on “Rick Lazio, Conservative Party Candidate

  1. paulie

    It currently says “For Rick Lazio, the losing candidate in the Republican Primary to take on Senator Kristen Gillibrand, it was a sombre scene.”

  2. NewFederalist

    Even in this year of “Tea Party” and voters in revolt is there really any likelihood that Cuomo won’t win?

  3. PRAS

    Paladino and Howie Hawkins would have to pursue PRAS (the progressive-republican alliance strategy).

  4. Brad

    Paulie and Scott- Read it again. It says that Lazio is taking on Coumo for Governor. Illiteracy is nothing to be ashamed of. Just get the help you need.

  5. Brian G.

    This is similar to what happened to the Liberal Party in 2002 I believe. They endorsed Andrew Cuomo for Governor and when he lost the Democratic primary to Carl McCall , Cuomo withdrew from the race. Cuomo’s name was still on the Liberal Party line and he failed to get the 50,000 votes needed to ensure ballot access for 4 more years. They haven’t had ballot access since.

  6. pete healey

    Brian G. has most of the story about the Liberals. The rest of the story is that it wasn’t an actual political party with organized groups around the state. There was a state organization, which mostly existed for the patronage. When they made the bad decision in 2002, there was no organization to revive.

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